HR Carnival: An Inside Look At All Things Human Resources #HRCarnival

HR Carnival: An Inside Look At All Things Human Resources #HRCarnival

Workology is proud to host the September’s edition of the Carnival of HR. Our topic is An Inside Look At All Things Human Resources. Find posts on how these uncertain times are impacting employees, organizations, and individuals at home and at work. Let this be an inspiration for change.


Why COLA Matters Now We’re All Working From Home

Jessica Miller-Merrell

With the current situation being that many companies will have a remote workforce through 2021, COLA has been top of mind for HR leaders recently. Businesses in the US are not required to provide their workers with COLAs; however, most do in order to remain competitive in the talent marketplace.

On Being Wrong

Mark Stelzner

This isn’t a self-effacing comment, but instead a reflection of a lifetime’s accumulation of what my wife describes as a “magnetic draw to the absurd.” In fact, we have a running joke that I should open a company called, Eight Second Brands. In her view, I would take the world’s worst ideas, spend no more than eight seconds of my time naming it, and *poof*, a “great” new brand is born.

Recognition Is Not a Nice-to-Have – It’s a Must-Have

Lynne Levy

We have entered August and the toll of the global pandemic continues to wear on employees, many of whom are still working from home.

Working Parents Deserve Their Managers’ Empathy

John Rossheim

With millions of children heading back to school in August and September, corporate managers are contemplating yet another COVID-19 challenge: how to manage the schedules of working parents on their staff through another fraught transition.

Appropriate metaphors for organization progress

Prasad Kurian

Prasad Kurian’s exploration of the paradoxes & possibilities in HR & OD, using stories, myths & concepts from a wide range of fields

Sharing the load and keeping the peace

Dorothy Dalton

One of the things that stood out from COVID19 and lockdown was women assuming greater responsibilities for household work, childcare, and homeschooling. This was a concept I struggled with, so I invited Ian Dinwiddy, Founder Inspiring Dads to join me in an online discussion on how to share the load and keep the peace. What could be going on? How in the 21st century could this be happening? Gender balance is not just a workplace issue.

Key Insights: Employees Review Their Company’s Response to COVID-19

Karina Tissnes

The COVID-19 pandemic blindsided businesses and economies all around the world. In such uncertain times, how employers respond to times of crisis and communicate with their staff matters. Whether leaders took control over what they could or avoided anything pandemic-related, how did employees rate their company’s handling of COVID-19?

Tough Decisions in a Small Business – Letting a Legacy Employee Go

Sabrina Baker

The bond of the early days struggle creates a loyalty between employee and company that is hard to break for either group. But sometimes breaking that bond is necessary to keep the business moving forward.

Back to School 2020: COVID-19 Edition

Stuart Rudner

Back to school season is upon us once again, although it may look a little different from previous years and will vary depending on where you live. Provinces such as Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan are implementing mandatory in-person attendance, while Ontario and B.C. are requiring school boards to provide in-person and remote learning options for all students.

Wellness at Work During a Pandemic – #HRforAll September 2020

Micole Garatti

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