GoCo: A Refreshingly Different Approach to HR and Payroll Technology

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As the role and responsibilities of human resource professionals leaders become a more integral part of the larger business strategy, it’s important for HR leaders to have established processes, procedures, and strong technology partners to help streamline basic and more administrative processes like payroll, employee onboarding, and employee benefits administrative covered. 

GoCo: A Refreshingly Different Approach to HR and Payroll Technology 

These administrative processes are the foundation of HR. I see them as the bottom of the HR pyramid similar to the more bottom and most basic of Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs which is physical needs. These physical needs include water, air, shelter, sleep, and clothing. GoCo’s HR technology platform offers a user-friendly and expansive platform that is customizable to an organization’s and HR team’s specific business requirements and needs. 

Fulfilling these basic needs makes space for HR leaders to breathe, strategize, customize, and better support the growth of the business instead of spending time hunting and gathering for shelter, food and water. 

I love GoCo’s approach to HR support and technology. It’s refreshing and innovative. Their product suite is very comprehensive offering services like payroll, HRIS, benefits administration, time and vacation reporting, and onboarding to name a few. The list goes on and on. While extensive, it’s not overwhelming as HR teams 

can use as little or as much of their technology stack to support the HR business. GoCo offers embedded payroll options for HR, and also syncs with any cloud based payroll service. 

Off the Chain HR Usability for Employees at All Levels 

Their usability and attention to detail is apparent from the moment I laid eyes on the platform. It’s easy to use and intuitive which is something very different from most experiences in HR tech. Prior to working in HR with GoCo, the leadership and many of the team members worked in the gaming industry. This is one of the many reasons the experience is refreshingly different. 

Their organizational chart feature is a great example of their awesome user experience. Instantly the chart updates information offering an at-a-glance view of a manager’s direct reports and a department’s hierarchy and responsibilities. 

Employees can easily access a team member’s employee profile and contact information to further connect. The individual employee can choose the contact information that is viewable to the general employee population. This employee contact information is easily accessible, not just on your desktop but also on your mobile device. GoCo offers Android and IOS mobile apps allowing employees to update personal information, search for employee contact information and even request vacation or PTO anywhere life takes them. 

Speaking of the easily accessible employee contact information, GoCo offers customizable fields within every part of their experience. Employee profiles include everything, from their digital documents and forms, to all their personal information. I am absolutely in love with digital documents and storage. They call these Magic Docs  and they really are. HR leaders can easily create digital documents for e-signature  and completion that offer easy tracking and notification for everyone. 

Make the Digital HR Experience and Onboarding Process Great Again 

These magical electronic documents make employee onboarding a breeze, especially with I-9’s, employee handbooks, and W-4 tax forms. Onboarding workflows for forms and more are easily created and customizable. HR can add in custom touches like automation to notify IT of a new employee laptop request or employee badge. Having the ability to streamline these kinds of processes takes the stress out of everyone’s day and makes your new hire feel welcome. 

Electronically Signing Documents is a Breeze for Employees 

These custom forms and magic-tized documents are also handy for the employee benefits enrollment process which is also part of GoCo’s product offering. They work directly with your benefits broker to upload benefits rules and information making benefits selection easy peasy. Gone are the days when employee selections are lost in the shuffle and benefits deductions or changes are missed by HR or your benefits provider. 

GoCo’s HR Technology offering is flexible, inviting, customizable, and easy to use for employees, candidates, and your leadership team. I invite you to place them on your short list for demos and RFP providing your HR team a sleek, organized, and process-driven option that helps your HR team better serve the organization. 

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