Episode 244: Building Workplace Culture For Remote Employees

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been a challenge for employers in various industries to support remote employees, stay connected to and engaged with employees, adapt communication strategies to reach a dispersed workforce, and many other factors that come from the unprecedented disruption of a global health crisis. As HR leaders, we’re working to support our workforce, our company leaders, and each other – all while working without a playbook. 

Today, we’re talking to Mark Sawyier, the CEO and Co-Founder of Bonfyre, a workplace culture platform. Mark and the Bonfyre team are focused on helping employees form strong relationships at work and helping employers maintain and build their culture. 


Episode 244: Building Workplace Culture For Remote Employees with Mark Sawyier (@BonfyreApp)


Trust is earned and it is especially hard to earn online, and at the same time, employers are facing the challenge of remote and virtual work. Staying connected and focused on business is critical. Having a culture that encourages conversations, outreach, and strategies to help connect employees, but also to connect not only on a business level but on a personal level too. Having a cohesive team is essential right now and Bonfyre provides an easy-to-use technology focused on connections, relationships, communication, and culture. With everyone’s world being in flux, Bonfyre offers an easier way to build relationships and connections with employees regardless of when and where they work. Foundationally, these connections are key to reducing stress as well as driving productivity, culture, and performance.

Mark provides a great case study and examples of how personal connections and conversations can positively impact a company’s culture and business outcomes. I love the work that he’s doing and how he’s highlighting the importance of building relationships and tying to revenue numbers and outcomes, which historically has been a soft subject.

It's not just about the work that's getting done. It's about what's going on in your life. It's about conversations and sharing things like, hey, my kid just graduated from high school - @bonfyreapp #podcast #culture #work Click To Tweet


Solutions for Employers and Their Post-COVID Workforce 


I asked Mark about what’s next when it comes to our workplaces and as we make the transition back to normal. This last year we have been working in an environment and time where everyone is working off-script. Business leaders, including HR, need to be ready to manage a variety of situations and scenarios which makes planning for the future a challenge. I asked Mark about this, and he shared that HR leaders really need to focus on the challenges that are coming around the bend. The focus for HR leaders should be on creating new socially distant and virtual work experiences and culture for new and tenured employees. He pushes me and asks how am I going to deliver a truly inclusive environment or build camaraderie? When it comes to a virtual or dispersed workforce it is extremely challenging. Mark says we need to be thinking about this now because our employees need support, information, resources, and company culture that supports them to be successful personally and professionally.

Connect with Mark Sawyier on LinkedIn.



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