Episode 227 – Anxiety Reduction Meditation for HR Leaders

This is a special episode of the Workology Podcast. More than 86% of Americans are stressed right now with the pandemic and coronavirus and 53% of companies are now offering more mental health services including EAP and other tele-health benefits and counseling. I wanted to offer you as an HR and workplace leader a special podcast episode which is a guided meditation. 

Episode 227: Anxiety Reduction Meditation for HR Leaders

Guided meditations have been an important part of my life for the last several years which is why I wanted to offer you a guided meditation just for HR and workplace leaders to help remove and lessen your strength and anxiety during this uncertain time. This Workology podcast episode is very different from others, and the reason behind it comes from a very personal place. I struggle with anxiety and negative thoughts, and over the last three years I’ve found something that works for me with meditation, affirmations, and self-hypnosis. With all the craziness happening because of COVID-19, I could feel the old anxiety feelings and habits coming back that I’ve worked so hard to break. I know I’m not alone. That’s whey I felt compelled to make this. This special Workology Podcast guided meditation is 15 minutes and I walk you through some breathing exercises and instruction to help calm your nerves, relax, and meditate. 

I’ve had several conversations with EAP providers during the pandemic and they all confidentially have told me that in the later part of the crisis, they have seen an increase in HR leaders calling and using the EAP. I love that HR are using employer benefits resources like this because we often do not. I know we are being stretched personally and professionally and financially in different ways. I hope this special podcast can help even one person in HR or among your leadership team during this uncertain time.


Mental health is so important every day but especially in times like these when are world are disrupted and things feel outside of our control. I hope you found value in this special guided meditation episode. Feel free to listen to this podcast episode as much as you would like. It’s designed to help remove your stress and anxiety. 

Working in HR is never easy which is why I also want to take a moment to recognize you and celebrate you for your work as an HR leader during this uncertain time. Your work is helping so many people and I know how many hours, blood, sweat, and tears you have been putting in to support your leaders, your businesses, and your employees. Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes. 

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