Ep 57 – Using Strengths Finder in Your Workplace

I’m one of those raving fans of Strengths Finder. My top 5 strengths are: Activator, Input, Strategic, Learner and Ideation. The past year, I’ve really been focused on using Strengths Finder in better understanding my own self, with my team members, clients and family. The use case is huge all of these especially when it comes to the workplace. The concepts are relatively easy to grasp and understand. The challenge is how do we keep the momentum going and build on not just identifying our strengths but leveraging them in other areas especially with our team.

Episode 57: Using Strengths Finder in Your Workplace with Rhonda Boyle (@activatestrong)

Nearly 15 years ago, Gallup introduced the world to the original StrengthsFinder assessment tool to help people discover their strengths. Since that time, more than 12 million people have benefited from this powerful method of personal and professional evaluation. Rhonda Boyle is a Strengths Finder trainer and true aficionado and evangelist of finding, using and growing your strengths for use in the workplace as well as everyday life. She helps individuals as well as companies understand, harness and grow their personal and professional potential using Strengths Finder with her company, Activate Your Strengths.

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of Rhonda and her business partner, Lee Witcher’s transformational Strengths Finder workshop. The awareness from attendees and transformations that took place are a testament to Rhonda’s passion for Strengths Finder in her own work and life.

On this episode of the Workology Podcast, Rhonda walks us through the basics of Strengths Finder and a few of the 34 strengths and why understanding them is important especially when it comes to the workplace. Rhonda provides a practical and manageable approach for employees in organizations. She helps organizations break down silos, barriers to engagement and productivity and most importantly change lives.

Your Personal and Professional Selves and Development Overlap

Rhonda believes there really is no separation between personal and professional. They are intertwined. Organizational leaders and managers can use Strengths Finder to better understand how they overlap and how to engage, relate and drive employee productivity on an individual yet customized levels with your employees. You can connect with Rhonda Boyle on LinkedIn.



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