Ep 27 – HR Certification SHRM vs. HRCI

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Ep 27 – HR Certification SHRM vs. HRCI

In June, I was fortunate enough to attend the SHRM Annual Conference where I was among over 20,000 HR professionals in attendance. It was the largest HR conference they’ve ever had.

Like many, I am HRCI certified, and I heard from many of you asking what the HRCI org codes were for the conference. In the transcript of this podcast, I’ve included details on how to submit the conference sessions you attended at SHRM annual that do not choose to offer recertification credits which is what happened at SHRM. The process is called self-reporting if you are entering when you are reapplying for your HRCI recertification. I have a tutorial link on how to enter in those credits and some resources including the number of self-reported courses you can enter at the time of your recertification submission.

Back to the conference, according to HRCI, SHRM organization respectfully declined the application by HRCI to have a booth at the conference. HRCI has an official statement on the matter which I’m linking to. This feels a lot like high school and we as HR certified professionals are caught in the middle. Are you friends with Johnny or are you friends with Susie?

Today’s Workology Go Podcast is about SHRM or HRCI. I think many of us are feeling like we have to choose. I consider myself Switzerland when it comes to this topic. We worked hard for our HR certifications. I spent nearly a year studying for both my PHR and SPHR. I’m grandfathered into the SHRM certification with a SHRM-SCP. Who should you get certified with? Is it HRCI or SHRM? I talked with Mark Fogel recently about the value of HR certification as well as SHRM and HRCI.

Mark Fogel : So I have three traditional certifications that most of those listening to the podcast would be familiar with. I have my HRCI SPHR certification which I received in 2002 and I also have my SHRM-SCP which I received during its inception in 2015 I acquired and the third certification I have which is lesser known is HRCI’s GPHR which is the global professional and H.R. certification which I received in 2006. And that’s really the interesting story for me and certifications because I was working for a global manufacturer with literally no experience running a two hour outside the United States and the certification prep and learning became very critical to my being able to do my job.

Jessica How do you think outside of your global experience with the GPHR has the other HR certifications helped you in your career?

Mark Fogel Well on a personal No I think it was very important to have a certification whether it be a PHR or an SHRM-PC or the SCP or some of the others if you’re a benefits executive or account executive,World At Work to offers certifications. I think it’s important because folks need to know that you’re credible in your knowledge. And when I entered the H.R. field coming out of operations I did not know a lot about H.R. I was recruiting and I understood my industry and it was important for me to go back and take coursework and make sure that I knew all the technical aspects of the job that I was responsible for. And that goes back as I said 2002 for my SBA jar. So I’ve been sitting for close to 16 years seventh going on 17 years now with certification so I’m an old man when it comes to that. However every organization that I’ve worked in since getting my first certification I’ve made it an important discussion for my staff. If they are thinking about advancing their career to be certified then I’ve gone as far as in two of my organizations sitting down before traditional work hours and doing prep classes on my own for my staff that we’re preparing to take the test because I value the certifications that much giving my own time and energy to the cause of being certified.

Certification, wherever you choose it in HR, is important. While I’m dual certified with both HRCI and SHRM, at Workology, we offer SHRM certification preparation courses, however, our recertification learning courses are both SHRM and HRCI certified.

On our longer form Workology Go Podcast, we’ve done a whole series on the value of HR certification. I’m linking to the series where you will hear more from Mark and other HR certified professionals the value that HR certification brings wherever and whoever you decide to get certified with.

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