Ep 124 – Employee Retention & Engagement

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As talent continues to be an important focus for your organization. It’s not just all about recruiting talent to your company. It’s’ about retaining them and keeping them being excited, happy, and eager to work which is where the subject of employee retention and engagement come into play.

Episode 124: A Fresh Look at Employee Engagement & Retention with Greg Hawks (@greg_hawks)

Greg Hawks is one of the most dynamic people you will ever meet. His personality is BIG. It’s hard not to get inspired when you are talking to Greg not to mention smile which is why he is one of the most sought-after speakers in state HR conference circuit. Greg’s focus is on leadership, engagement, and retention but from a new perspective and point of view. He wants you to tie an employee’s level of engagement, retention, and investment to their personal and professional ownership at your organization.

Employees As Renters, Owners, and Vandals

For more than 17 years, Greg has owned and managed single-family home investment properties. To say he has a few stories about his tenants would be an understatement. He noticed similarities between renters in his home and status quo employees at his office. He formulated our Like An Owner® philosophy. Greg walks us through in this episode of the Workology Podcast the philosophy and the differences in retention and engagement for owners versus renters.

I love this concept because it presents these common HR and workplace terms in an easy to understand and relatable way for your workplace leaders to latch on to and consider if their employees are renters, vandals, or owners when they come to work each day.

Greg references Gallup’s Organization’s State of the American Workforce report, which says:

– 30% of employees are engaged

– 50% are disengaged

– 20% are actively disengaged

He explains that the 30% are Owners, 50% are Renters, and 20% are Vandals. Owners bring their heart, head, and hands to work, which translates into passion, imagination, and skill. Renters bring only their hands. They fulfill a function. Vandals bring division. Divisive and manipulative these silent saboteurs wreak havoc.

Let’s ask ourselves for a minute and be honest. Where do you fit? Are you an owner, renter, or vandal? Can we move fluidly from one to the other? What employees, as well as leaders, are each of these? Can we change them or are employees solely responsible for their engagement level as Greg has outlined?

Yes, people can change. Greg walks us through some ways to move employees from renters to owners and the steps you need to take to keep from hiring those pesky yet silent vandals at your company. I know you’ll love Greg’s fresh and dynamic perspective.

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