Beware “Perfect” Resumes

Wow! Did anybody happen to see the Dateline story about this con man who with the help of “perfect resumes” conned his way into multiple jobs.

Beware “Perfect” Resumes

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The Great Pretender

Say hello to Fred Brito, a smiling cherubic liar.

One day he was known as Father Fred, while on another, he was a high-profile fundraiser, getting chummy with Hollywood stars. And there’s another legal document saying that on the same day, he was really a court-appointed psychiatrist.

They’re all Fred Brito. And they’re all assumed identities, products of the fertile imagination of a confidence man.

And that’s exactly what Fred did or still does; no one’s quite sure. What is certain is that along the way, Fred has made his share of friends—and more than a few enemies.

Tonight, we’ll take you on the hunt for the real Fred Brito—inside the mind and the world of someone who’s not just a con man but a world-class imposter. He tricked state senators, the Red Cross, the courts, celebrities, a prestigious medical school, and the Catholic Church. Tonight, he’ll even try to trick you. And you’ll meet some of his victims, who only learned they’d been conned… when WE told them.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell

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