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When Women Thrive At Work It’s Good for Everyone

when women thrive at work it's good for everyone

New research shows that workplaces where women thrive are workplaces where everyone reports higher levels of satisfaction and support. Great Place to Work and Fortune found that “companies where women are thriving also tend to offer better workplace experiences for all employees.” What’s the difference? These companies had better benefits, better professional development programs and […]

“Low Status” Men Avoid Negotiating In the Workplace

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According to new research “low status” men who occupy position are less likely to negotiate for raises or promotions in the workplace. It’s become popular to argue that a big reason the pay gap persists is women’s reluctance to negotiate, with schools and and other organizations setting up negotiation workshops just for women, in hopes […]

Is Crunch Popular Because Coding Is Boring?

is crunch popular because coding is boring?

The tech industry is talking about crunch time again. Specifically, this time it’s the game industry, debating the value of long, sustained coding sprints to make deadlines. The latest iteration of the conversation was sparked by Polygon’s publishing an excerpt from from Walt William’s memoir of his decade plus time working in the gaming industry. […]

Employees Don’t Like How You’re Talking to Them

employees don't like the way you talk to them

According to a new study 45% of workers are unhappy with how senior management communicates important information to them – especially remote workers, who are often left completely out of the loop. Kollective surveyed 2000 people in the US and UK about their attitudes to work, particularly workplace communication. That emphasis was obviously determined by […]