Mark of the Beast: $666 Raise Sparks Lawsuit

mark of the beast: 6 raise sparks lawsuit

After receiving a $666 raise, law professors Sheldon Gelman and Jean Lifter decided to sue their employer, Cleveland State University. It’s not that their raise was so small ($666 works out to about $13 dollars per week), but that CSU had upped their paycheque with the mark of the beast. Mark of the Beast: $666 Raise Sparks […]

Americans Don’t Want to Be Hired By Algorithms

americans don't want to be hired by algorithms

According to a new Pew study a majority of Americans are anxious about the growing role of algorithms in how companies make hiring decisions, and in particular, are worried about a potential future where algorithms make such decision without human input. 67% of the over 4000 Americans surveyed reported being uncomfortable with the possibility of […]

Hiring Discrimination Isn’t Getting Better

hiring discrimination isn't getting better

According to a new study there has been little to no progress in reducing racial hiring discrimination since 1989. Researchers from Northwestern University, Harvard, and the Institute for Social Research in Norway looked studies on resume and interview discrimination in the past 28 years, looking for trends in the data. And boy did they find one […]

Google’s Cloud Job Discovery Is Entering Beta

google cloud job discovery enters beta

Cloud Job Discovery, the machine learning HR tech tool formerly known as Cloud Jobs API is now entering beta. Cloud Job Discovery is the sister tool of Google for Jobs, the part of Google’s push into HR tech that aims to improve job search functionality in job boards, career sites and every part of HR […]

Personality Tests May Be Costing Young Workers Jobs

personality tests may be costing young workers jobs

The move to online applications has allowed employers to reach an ever-expanding pool of candidates. It’s a change that’s had both good and bad effects for employers and applicants alike. It’s more likely that a truly perfect fit of applicant and organization will have the chance to find each other, but it’s less likely those […]