Making the Effort to Attract What You Need

making the effort to attract what you need

Making the Effort to Attract What You Need We have kids graduating from school, looking for work, looking for love – something great! My wife comments that the stories she hears sound the same, should they be job search or dating oriented. I get it – they have similarities. It’s probably why eHarmony developed Elevated […]

Finding Your Purpose: One Thing, One Word

finding purpose: your one word; one thing

In the 1991 Billy Crystal film, City Slickers, a group of friends in mid-life crisis take a vacation on a cattle drive led by Curly Washburn played by Jack Palance. There is a wonderful contrast between the grounded Curly and vacationers who seem as uncertain in their daily lives as they do on their first […]

The Challenge of Purpose

I am not the only one thinking of the similarities between Wonder Woman and Forest Gump. GMA bolstered and maybe explained my contemplation with a July 7th segment featuring Chris Connelly. The conversation focused on the likelihood of a best picture nomination for Wonder Woman which would be rare given its mass appeal. You know […]

A Dismissal Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

a dismissal shouldn't come as a surprise

Someone once reflected with me in my capacity as an HR Leader that how people are treated as they leave an organization sends a message to the people who remain with it. Is that one of the reasons we have goodbye luncheons for those who resign? So that people remaining in the organization have something […]