Are You A Newbie Recruiter on Facebook?

Are you a newbie recruiter on Facebook? Well in this post I want to touch some serious recruiting tactics that a lot of network marketers are doing on FACEBOOK. It’s starting to get out of hand the way some of these marketers are approaching Facebook recruiting and it doesn’t have to be bad once you know what you’re doing.

Is Facebook A Good Place To Prospect?

Absolutely, Facebook is goldmine for prospects.

It’s pretty clear where ever there is a huge amount of people hanging out for a long period of time it’s a great place for prospecting. Now before you dive into the crowd and start beating individuals over the head with your business opportunity there is a few things you should know and avoid.

1.Spamming should do the trick right?

Spamming your wall with your business opportunity is one of the worst ways to get blocked some even unsubscribe to your post. Not only is it annoying but it’s also unprofessional. You will and I mean will get deleted (Which Sucks), people will begin to talk about you behind your back and before you know it everyone will unsubscribe to your updates. Don’t ever spam your wall it NEVER WORKS.

2.Recruiting With A Poor Profile

Your profile is extremely important when recruiting prospects. Your profile needs to look professional because its a reflection of the kind of person you are. If you posting non sense like Youtube videos about cats fighting or unimportant information other than what you’re focus on people won’t take you serious. You want your prospects to go to your profile and see informative information not NON SENSE.

3.Hit em up and run (Facebook Drive By)

This is by far the worst approach. Someone on Facebook takes a sales message and sends it to you with a link to their MLM business opportunity in it. Here’s a example

Hey Kellon, I like your profile I see you’re into Network Marketing like me. Listen, I just got involved in this amazing opportunity and the first person that came to mind was you. Take a look at it I think you’ll do great here is my link.
Personal Company Website

It was good connecting with you, take care – Kevin

OK so you see my point that was just terrible. First off we never connected to begin with and that message was suppose to get me really excited when in fact it pissed me off and made me delete him. That approach makes him look more desperate than professional. You should never send someone a message like that let me explain why…

If you’re at a meeting or a get together where everyone is socializing and one individual stood up and started to hand everyone a brochure telling everyone ” Check this out, I just got involved with this company and it’s sooooooooo amazing the compensation plan is amazing and the products work” chances are you’re going to put his brochure in the trash and would never want to be around that person again right? Its the same as on Facebook, Kevin is going around sending people private messages pitching his biz opp to all his friends which ultimately will not get him any results. Its a process when using Facebook to prospect try asking questions get to know your prospects and when the time is right then you mention your AMAZING OPPORTUNITY until then build rapport and ask questions overtime.

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