6 Security Concerns for Use of #HRTech & #Sourcing Technologies

I’m all for rogue recruiting. I live for budgets and finding creative ways to source, engage and reach qualified candidates in unique ways. It’s the reason in 2001, that I began using dating websites as a database to source and engage job seekers for literally no cost. Traditionally recruiting methods like newspapers weren’t working in the town I was hiring for. It was attracting the wrong kind of people to my job openings either those that weren’t qualified or eligible to work in the US. One of the challenges of working in a meatpacking town in the Midwest.

Back in those days, I didn’t read the fine print. Still often times I forget. We quickly download the latest app for our phones, browser extension or sign up for the latest beta program without reading the details. Instead we are hoping for a quick recruiting fix. Plus, we’re kinda addicted to tech and what I call SOS, shiny object syndrome. I’m always looking to talk about the next big and fun thing.

One my favorite books of recent that discusses the current underground cyber data marketplace is Cypherpunks (affiliate link). The Wikileak founders discuss how data is being bought and sold for marketing, sales and monitoring purposes either by businesses, governments and other big brothers. It’s quite fascinating and extremely terrifying. In fact, while in mid book, I considered going dark altogether eliminating my reliance of electronics but that would be the end of my career in the HR and recruiting industry.

Heather Bussing tells us we don’t own our own data. It’s public information and the more we share electronically, the easier it is to find and be found online. When it comes to HR technologies particularly those of the recruiting and free variety, it’s important to consider how the tools you are using may impact your, your business or the company you represent activities online.

For example, last week I mentioned my love of Connectifier. Currently in beta, it is an amazing sourcing tool. The challenge is that when I source candidates and social profiles, I don’t own the data. It is being shared with others, possibly my competition and more importantly all my activities on that web browser are likely being collected for purposes unknown as it’s stated in Connectifier’s TOS.

6 Security Concerns for Use of #HRTech & #Sourcing Technologies

Here’s my workaround when specifically with Connectifier.

  • Open & Use Multiple Browsers. I always keep multiple browsers open and limit my use on Chrome which is where Connectifier is housed and make it my secondary browser while I’m searching and sourcing.
  • Delete Your Extension When Not In Use. The extension shouldn’t be collecting data after it is deleted so remove the extension when not in use. I’m a huge Chrome fan so this is an option for me.
  • Limit Your Sourcing or Extension Activity to a Different Computer. Also another good security option. I don’t want big brother gaining access to my data so I’m keeping my activities and limiting them to one computer. Again, I’m a Chrome fan girl and deleting and adding that extension is a big waste of time and money.

Aside from these free or low cost extensions, security is very real especially when it comes to corporate and enterprise HR Technology.

  • Who Owns the Data. This is key question to ask. Does the HR technology you are using like Connectifier own the data and candidate information contained within your ATS? What happens to your data when you cut ties with the HR technology organization? These are questions to be asking your HR Tech before you sign. Click here for more pre-qualify questions when selecting HR Technology.
  • Is My Data Being Shared. This is also important. Who has access to my company data? Does the organization have a partnership where data, information and resources are being shared? Is it just analytics, resources or just numbers like the eQuest and their data on job board results and activity?  
  • How Secure is My Data. In light of the recent data breach with Target and other retailers, it’s important to consider what steps HR technology companies have taken to keep your data secure. What are their protocols and steps if there is a breach? When and how will you be notified?

Security of your company, data and as an individual is important. Was there anything that I might be missing?

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