4 Recruitment Trends That Are Timeless

With the economy gearing up for growth and the unemployment rate still trending below the Australian national average, many recruiters are predicting a healthy 2019 for the jobs market across many sectors. Indeed, one sector that is forecast to grow significantly over the next 12 months is the technology sector and the business of Big Data.

With the digital revolution in full swing, we are seeing more and more businesses lean towards a digital style of marketing and consumer involvement. Mobile banking is becoming a vital part of how people manage their money. Ecommerce is booming as online companies open their virtual doors and existing companies refocus on targeting an online market. The need to meet the online market has driven companies to rethink their digital strategy. This has left a large sector open for recruitment in digital marketing, website development and other career opportunities that exist solely due to the new sector of online shopping.

Companies that refuse to evolve in the online market will find it difficult to remain competitive in what is becoming an essential part of trade.

The digital revolution has revised the way the workforce reacts to demand from the public. Cloud based computing and other extensive advancements in communication has created the need for experts in both IT and social media. We’ve seen the following hiring trends so far in 2019, and expect that they will continue as the year progresses.

Hiring Trends So Far

Technology Integration in the workplace

As the digital revolution is cementing the need for a successful integration of technology in the workforce is increasing. Technology is no longer a stand-alone field, with the need for successful merging of financial and marketing departments needed to remain current.

App Development and the Mobile Consumer

We’ve seen a sharp increase in financial mobile use over the last 12 months. Expect this to continue as the financial sector ensures that customers feel in control of their assets. The need for highly skilled app developers will increase as many businesses follow the banks example and attempt to encourage users to interact with them via their mobile devices.

Highly skilled Tech Experts

As long as technology continues to be an evolving thing, the need for skilled technology employees will be high. As companies adapt in the current digital market, experts in everything from development of online strategy to IT project managers are highly regarded.

New Marketing Techniques

As the market changes, so does the need for multi-skilled employees. Social media has come into play not only with recruitment, but also with consumer interaction. Now, more than ever it is vital to ensure that a company has a high level of engagement across numerous social media platforms. Employees who are specialists in a sector such as marketing or finance, also need to be skilled in using social media effectively within their sector.

Financial Sector

The financial sector has seen strong growth in the past two years, which has been aided by the dedication to mobile banking, remaining on top of marketing trends and staying current in a digital market. Insurance and lending experts are becoming sought after and highly skilled underwriters are going to be essential over the next 12 months if trends continue.

Staff Retention

Companies are realising the importance of skilled, well trained employees and the focus has shifted to retaining these staff members. The readily available salary calculators and heavily marketed job search engines such as simplyhired.com easily allow people to compare pay rates, and consider changing careers. Information is accessible and employers need to be aware that their staff are constantly searching for the next best thing.

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Andrew Brushfield

Andrew Brushfield is the Director of Victoria & New Zealand at Robert Half, and is based in our Melbourne office. He was originally an accountant at the Smorgon Group and has spent the past 13 years in the recruitment industry throughout Asia Pacific. In Australia, Andrew excelled in placing senior level finance professionals within a vast range of industries, with particular expertise in the FMCG and IT / Telecommunications industry.


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