50% of Recruiters Fail At Hiring. How to Change Your Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The recruiting funnel has become a staple for HR and recruiting industry and yet in my opinion it is the most under utilized recruitment strategy as most hiring managers and recruiters rely on spray and pray recruiting methods instead of focusing on building a talent pool and candidate funnel for the long term. Starting with the initial inquiry to the job offer recruiters use the funnel to build a qualified talent pool of candidates to fit various jobs that might open up down the road. The funnel serves several purposes; the main purpose is as a roadmap for recruiters when starting their initial search for a candidate.

While the recruiting funnel is par for the recruiting industry, it doesn’t always produce great results with between 30-50% of recruiting failing to produce quality hires. This is where the Strategic Recruiting Funnel seen in Jobvite’s Infographic below really stands out as a differentiating way to recruit effectively and for the long haul.

3 Benefits of Using the Strategic Recruiting Funnel

Better leads

Using a strategic recruiting funnel will help recruiters develop more qualified leads which leads to better qualified candidates applying for your job or joining your talent pool or candidate community. The inital inquiry will serve as a qualification stage to see if candidates fit or will fit into job positions that are current open or will be in the future. I’m a fan of building long term relationships with candidates long before you have that job opening taking a relationship and resource valued approach setting your recruiting process from the rest. Word gets around and you and your team develop better leads allowing recruiters to spend less time in the overall process because they’ll be able to get rid of the noise and unqualified candidates. I’m a fan of candidate’s self selecting to remove themselves from consideration because of the great relationship and resources you are sharing.

Candidate Engagement

We all know that candidate engagement should be one of the top priorities of any organization that wants to recruit only the best. The recruiting funnel has a specific stage that allows recruiters to not only nuture, but engage with candidates to keep them interested in your company and the various positions you have to offer. If you aren’t sure what the candidate experience is or why it’s important, check out our Candidate Experience Week blog series.

Better Processes

Not only does the recruiting funnel help find better leads, develop a better candidate experience, but it’s a good thing to use to build on exisiting processes. Recruiting departments are already short staffed and overworked so being able to streamline the entire process will help your department have a better hand on everything that’s happening. Recruiting isn’t for the faint at heart and developing best practices will help streamline and make everyone’s job easier.

Supercharging Your Recruiting Strategy with Jobvite

Jobvite’s recent infographic over The Recruiting Funnel breaks down each step of the funnel and guides recruiters on how to be successful in each stage. You can see the infographic below:

3 Benefits of Using the Strategic Recruiting Funnel
3 beneficios de usar el embudo de reclutamiento estratégico
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