The Future of Gay Marriage & Human Resources

As you probably know, through a number of recent federal district court decisions, state after state saw laws defining marriage as only a union between one man and one woman declared unconstitutional. It seemed as if the momentum would carry forward, leading every such law in the remaining states to be “condemned to the scrapheap […]

The Value of Ambiverted Leadership

A lot has been written about introverts and extroverts. You can quickly take an online assessment to see which category best describes you and then draw our own conclusions. But, you probably won’t be completely satisfied with how you’re described. That’s because no “score” adequately describes who you are. You’re not a robot that can […]

6 Companies Who Are Leading the Way in Employment Branding

Employment branding is a topic that is hard to define. The corporate masses have a hard enough time understanding what exactly human resources does so when you combine marketing and communications with one of the most misunderstood industries, I guess I can understand why there is so much misconception and miscommunication around the topic of […]