6 Companies Who Are Leading the Way in Employment Branding

Employment branding is a topic that is hard to define. The corporate masses have a hard enough time understanding what exactly human resources does so when you combine marketing and communications with one of the most misunderstood industries, I guess I can understand why there is so much misconception and miscommunication around the topic of employment branding.

Defining Employment Brand & Employment Branding

For my employment branding panelists, Carrie Corbin and Shannon Smedstad, we have agree to define employment branding and employment brand differently.

Your employment brand is what people say and think about your organization as a place to work. It’s the perception of employees, job seekers, and the public. Employment branding is the strategy and actions behind influencing internal and external perceptions, and amplifying EVP (Employee Value Proposition) messages. It is a long-term strategy that can be tied to applicant quality and employee retention.

  • Adobe. Adobe launched a Twitter hashtag, #AdobeLife encouraging employees to share their stories on what makes Adobe a best in class company. Prior to launching their campaign, Adobe conducted employee social media training called “Social Shift.” The company has tied sales directly to their brand ambassador efforts.
  • HP. I have the privilege of hearing HP’s Celinda Appleby speak at LinkedIn’s TalentConnect about the company’s social media and employment branding efforts. Celinda discussed the importance of experimentation. I love that especially the company’s selfie Friday and HP employee features. I’m biased as my little sister works for HP too.
  • Amtrak Careers. Follow the Twitter hashtag, #TeamAmtrak to get an understanding of how amazing their employment branding is. Amtrak has a beautiful career site. I’m particularly impressed by their YouTube channel. It includes a short 2 minute video on how candidates can apply for a job on their career site.
  • Deloitte. As an employer, it’s scary to let employees have an unfiltered voice that’s their own. Deloitte’s @lifeatdeloitte Twitter account is managed by a new employee every single week. Deloitte is letting their employees share their stories and build relationships with individual employees.
  • Adidas Group. Adidas has done a great job of building and creating a legendary employment brand. I love how they have created localized campaigns that are targeted to their global employe audiences. For example, you can see their Russia Adidas campaign.
  • Sodexo. Sodexo and Ari Ball are a bit of legends in the context of employment branding. Their team continues to grow and evolve in their efforts. Their employment app is one that I love. Everything that Sodexo does is cutting edge. Their career site is a great place to start.

What companies do you believe are building a great employment brand? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Don’t forget to join our Wednesday webinar where we’ll break down employment branding basics for you.

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