Workaholism: Are We Addicted to Work?

27% of US office workers also put in work between 10PM and 6AM (like this post here…). Nearly one out of every three people are putting in their daily 8+ hours IN the office and then coming home and doing more work before they go back the next day. In Norway, a nationally representative survey […]

Episode 1: How Your Employees Are Positively Amplifying Your Brand with Jason Seiden

When it comes to the HR and recruiting industries, the concept of employment branding is hot. HR technology companies like Glassdoor are flourishing because of increased competition in finding top candidates. Recruiting teams are moving towards storytelling as a way to engage qualified job seekers online or in person. Our guest, Jason Seiden will discuss how employment branding can positively impact your company culture, recruiting and hiring efforts. He shares insights in how to leverage your workforce to hire and retain the best talent for your company.

Thanks iPhone: The Future of Your Paycheck Is Mobile

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Last week Apple announced a new application, in conjunction with their new phone, called Apple Pay. This application will allow iPhone holders to pay for goods and services by tapping a terminal. The payment is automatically made. Many of us already pay for some things by using our phones. I cannot remember the last time […]

The Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

The toughest transition in management is going from managing a job function to managing both a job function and other people at the same time. When you’re only managing a job function, all the work and results are on your shoulders. Everything succeeds or fails based on your efforts alone. There should be comfort in […]