Millenial Smillenial

Oh, how I loathe the term “millenial.”  And yet I see it everywhere. Imagine my frustration, especially when I see so many articles discussing how to recruit millenials and what we’re supposedly interested in.  Of course, I’m not a recruiter, so maybe this is just a rant against a term I don’t like or maybe […]

How New #HRTech Enables Visually Impaired Recruiters & Job Seekers

How New #HRTech Enables Visually Impaired Recruiters & Job Seekers TalentCircles, whose mission is to transform recruiting by offering a comprehensive interactive talent engagement platform for desktops, smartphones and tablets, has completed yet another major accomplishment: its ADA (Americans with Disabilities) implementation for visually impaired candidates and recruiters. The National Federation of the Blind estimates that […]

You Stink! How to Have Difficult Conversations with Employees

When I first started out in Human Resources, I used to think the hardest part of the job would be terminating employees. I was wrong. It turned out that it was much more challenging to have uncomfortable conversations with people. If you are a manager or work in HR, you know what I am talking […]

From the Experts: Why Employment Branding Is So Important

Five thousand people from across the globe signed up to watch the live stream. In a hotel conference room overlooking San Francisco, there were more than 100 recruitment marketing and talent acquisition professionals. For what? The inaugural Glassdoor Employment Branding Summit featuring many of the 2013 social recruiting Talent Warriors and industry thought leaders. In […]

When the Employee Engagement Survey is Wrong

When the Employee Engagement Survey is Wrong I had an interesting discussion a couple weeks ago with a non-HR friend who spent some time venting about his company’s employee survey. Turns out the employee survey rated an incompetent manager as “the best” in his department. My friend was shocked to say the least because “the […]