How New #HRTech Enables Visually Impaired Recruiters & Job Seekers

How New #HRTech Enables Visually Impaired Recruiters & Job Seekers

TalentCircles, whose mission is to transform recruiting by offering a comprehensive interactive talent engagement platform for desktops, smartphones and tablets, has completed yet another major accomplishment: its ADA (Americans with Disabilities) implementation for visually impaired candidates and recruiters.

The National Federation of the Blind estimates that there are about 6,211,700 visually impaired people aged between 16 and 75 in the United States. TalentCircles is one of the first HR recruiting and hiring technologies that is fully ADA compliant and provides companies a way to engage, recruit and hire this highly skilled and qualified community of job seekers.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that companies provide qualified individuals with disabilities equal access to their programs and services,” said Dominique Hermsdorff, SVP of Engineering at TalentCircles. “As far as talent acquisition is concerned, the first step to meet these requirements is to ensure that visually impaired candidates can access your career site and join your talent community just as easily as anyone else. Companies should never comply with ADA requirements partially. It’s pretty much an all or nothing situation. We designed a solution that is fully compliant with published ADA guidelines and tested it extensively with visually impaired candidates and recruiters in the field. And so far, people really like it.”

Hiring people with disabilities or special needs is not only a matter of compassion or compliance with requirements: It is believing in the ability for our society to be inclusive and leverage the wealth of experience that stems from diversity and expand the quality of the human capital of your organization. “People with disabilities, or as I would prefer to say, otherwise-abled people, can be a tremendous asset for companies: work is more than a means to achieve financial independence. It also provides a sense of accomplishment that fosters deep dedication,” says TalentCircles CEO Marylene Delbourg-Delphis.

The TalentCircles philosophy is that companies must be able to engage with candidates at any touch point and candidates must be able to engage with companies from anywhere and at any time. “Technology has made it easier than ever to be caring and inclusive. TalentCircles is proud to offer a powerful solution to the visually impaired, be they candidates or recruiters, and ultimately offer to all our users the optimized navigation environment and the wealth of functionalities that ensures a high quality experience to everybody.”

About TalentCircles: Silicon Valley-based TalentCircles transforms recruiting. Its comprehensive interactive talent engagement platform for desktops, smartphones and tablets enables organizations to create powerful talent pools. The goal is to improve the efficiency of recruiters, offer candidates positive exposure to your business, and reduce your hiring costs and time. The larger your talent pool… the better it is for you when you have the right array of features like semantic job matching, screening questionnaires, video interviewing to evaluate candidates for both aptitude and attitude or perform realistic job previews. TalentCircles is the ideal solution to proactively manage the needs of organizations of any size.

For additional information, contact Susan Magrino: or call 888-280-0808.

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