Interviewing with Organizational Culture in Mind

Hiring great people is the foundation of a great culture, so your interview process needs to reflect the culture of  the organization.  Most interviews involve tedious scheduling, meeting with multiple members of the team and candidates being asked redundant questions. Here are some tips to help transform the interview process to better hire for a […]

Honesty is Always the Best Policy with Firing Employees

The question of what to tell an at-will employee about why they are being fired has proven to be the most persistent employer question over the 25 year span of my legal practice.   “If my employee is terminable “at-will,” should I tell her why she is being fired?”  Yes.  Honesty will always be the […]

The SXSW’er: 5 Types of People You’ll Meet at #SXSW

Headed to SXSW this year? Blogging4Jobs is once again hosting the best party geared towards HR & Recruiting professionals, Social Siesta 2014. Sign up today! Waitlist? No problem, we’re opening more tickets up daily! With approximently 50,000 SXSW’ers attending the three week festival (with 30,000 of them being at SXSWi) there will be several strange characters […]