Five Ways to Help Employees Get Healthier in 2014

As the year winds down, many people reflect on the failure of their former New Year’s resolutions — and they vow to do better next year. The fact is: New Year’s resolutions to get healthier are hard to keep. It’s easy to scribble down a few lofty goals on a stray piece of paper, but […]

26 Business & HR Buzzwords You Should Retire in 2014

Having worked in the workplace and human resources industries for a number of years as a practitioner and analyst, I’ve seen the world from both sides. On one hand practitioners look to analysts, thought leaders and resource sites like Blogging4Jobs for information, direction and insights into the trends and happenings for the HR and recruitment […]

Dress Right for Your Interview

When you know you look great, your confidence soars. So it makes sense to take the time to dress carefully for your important interviews.  Your appearance is a big component of your interviewer’s first impression of you so it’s worth the effort to make sure you are looking wonderful.  In general this means you should […]

Payroll Specialists: Bone Up on These Software Programs Before Applying for That Job

If someone is looking for work as a payroll specialist, they must be ready to differentiate themselves from the competition. When hiring employees for their accounting departments, businesses search for people who have the training, credentials, and know-how to start working right away. Although most companies provide orientation and some training for newly hired employees, […]