Payroll Specialists: Bone Up on These Software Programs Before Applying for That Job

Those in the market for a position as a payroll specialist must be prepared to stand out from the competition if they want to get a job. When companies hire for their accounting department, they look for candidates who possess the education, experience, and know-how to jump into the job without the need for extensive training.

Although most businesses offer newly hired employees orientation and some training, it’s to a person’s advantage to be familiar with some of the more commonly used payroll software programs. This knowledge will help the candidate have an edge during the hiring process and once he or she gets the job.

An efficient payroll software program makes the specialist’s job easier.

Payroll Software Programs Specialists Should Know About

  • QuickBooks. QuickBooks has been helping small businesses and solopreneurs take care of their accounting, including payroll, for years. To access the payroll portion of the program, business owners must opt for QuickBooks Premier or Pro. Once the business owner begins using the payroll module, employee payroll slips can be sent through email and all payroll forms can be taken care of online.QuickBooks has a stand-alone software version or one that’s accessed online, making it available wherever the payroll specialist happens to be.
  • SnowdropKCS. Business owners who want their employee and payroll records to be integrated will appreciate the way SnowdropKCS streamlines back office operations. Ideal for small businesses in growth mode, this payroll software program continually updates itself online so the business owner and payroll specialist don’t have to worry about doing it manually.
  • Ceridian. Small businesses with a tight budget or basic needs might prefer Ceridian due to the ability to add features as needed. Rather than having to purchase set packages, the business owner can pick and choose amongst payroll software program features. Options range from basic payroll functions to extensive packages that combine human resources and payroll functions.
  • Access. Easily followed wizards help payroll specialists set up the company’s payroll in Access. This software program is available as a stand-alone or as part of the Access HR package. Access is efficient and helps streamline a small business’s payroll functions.

The combination of efficient payroll software and a knowledgeable payroll specialist helps employees get paid on time.

Knowledge Gives Candidates an Edge

The time invested in learning about and trying out some of these different payroll software programs can help a person prepare for the job-seeking process, as well as an interview. Software knowledge is beneficial to payroll specialist candidates, and can mean the difference between being selected or passed over for the position.

Even if the hiring company doesn’t use one of these common payroll software programs, having knowledge of them can still be beneficial when learning how to use another program. A payroll specialist with knowledge in several other small business payroll software programs is likely to have an easier time transitioning to a new program.

Have you boned up yet? 

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