Recruiter Jobs and Salary: How much money do recruiters make?

Every now and again, its good to see what your peers are making. How else are you to know if you are undervalued or really, really appreciated? (Well, purely from a money perspective anyway.) I did a quick look-around to see what the average salaries were for Recruiters across the United States and the types […]

Are Employers Listening? Twitter Hash Tags in Support of Raising #MinimumWage

This is a three post series discussing union communication, awareness and organization strategies.   Late last week just before the Labor Day holiday began I happened upon a hash tag from one of my favorite friendly new blogs at www.upworthy. I quickly saw that their #upchat hash tag was discussing the recent food service strikes […]

Is This The Worst Resume Example Ever?

Download my free ebook to jump start your job search by clicking here. As an HR practitioner who has hired and interviewed thousands of candidates, there are things I like to see when it comes to your resume. Sometimes these suggestions and tips are related to personal preference like font style, layout and the flow […]