Recruiter Jobs and Salary: How much money do recruiters make?

Every now and again, its good to see what your peers are making. How else are you to know if you are undervalued or really, really appreciated? (Well, purely from a money perspective anyway.) I did a quick look-around to see what the average salaries were for Recruiters across the United States and the types of Recruiters who were making the most. And this is what I found, as of September 4, 2013.

How much money do recruiters make?

Recruiter salary as of September 2013

So, where do you fall on this chart? Keep in mind that this is based on average salaries on a national scale, so bear that in mind as well. Having said that, I am now wondering which recruiter jobs are trending up? In other words, due to industry demand, is it easier to get a job as a Call Center Recruiter or an Attorney Recruiter?

Overall, this is what the market for recruiting jobs in general looks like. (See below) Things were on the upswing for recruiter jobs last year but now, seem to be stable after a decline.

So, that’s how it looks overall. But, what about drilling down and looking at each specific opportunity? I did and among the results, “Nurse Recruiter” was on the upswing after a quick dip earlier this year.


Another huge upsurge in the market was for Healthcare Recruiters.

Curiously enough, I also noticed that the Attorney Recruiter market took a big hit in the last recession and never quite recovered to the same levels it had before. Go figure.

I hope you find this as interesting as I did. I do not have any data around salaries of Recruiters overseas, but would like to find that and post here in the future. If anyone has any resources that they can point me towards, I would appreciate it.


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  1. Gary says

    Hi Jim
    Interesting survey, can you please tell me if the salaries per sector are base salary only or do they also include average commission?
    Many thanks

    • The Recruiters Lounge says


      This is how Indeed gets their survey numbers:

      “Indeed Salary Search is based on an index of salary information extracted from over 50 million job postings from thousands of unique sources over the last 12 months. Many job descriptions don’t contain salary information, but there are enough that do to produce statistically significant median salaries for millions of keyword, job title and location combinations – in fact, most job searches you are likely to think of. As new jobs are added each day, the Indeed Salary Search index is automatically updated with fresh salary data, so the salary results are as up-to-date as they could possibly be.”

      Hope this helps.



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