The Future of HR – Foreseeing What Would be Next

Impact of Technology, Innovative Employment Brands, Critical Role in Successful Companies

The future of HR looks bright. A decade ago the HR profession was more or less an administrative function that everyone deemed as glorified paper pushers. Most professionals in the industry worked long hours, had little resources, and were doing everything by hand. Fast-forward to today and the profession has undergone major changes. The technology […]

Religious Accomodation: Sometimes You Have to Read Between the Lines

Reasonable Accommodation for Religious Beliefs in HR - Understanding EEOC Guidelines and Best Practices.

In HR we a lot of attention to the ADA and the accommodation process, or at least we should. There is one area that is often overlooked in the area of accommodation and that is with religion. There are several things that need to be accommodated and sometimes HR has to read between the lines to […]

It’s Back to School: Branding Your Company on Campus

Back to School Campus Branding for Companies: NACE 2013 Professional Standards Webinar

It’s Back to School: Branding Your Company on Campus There is something about back to school time that is simply fantastic! Parents and kids are buzzing with excitement. We’re on the brink of football season. And, soon campuses across the country will be packed with promise. It’s the most wonderful time of the year … […]

Fighting the Knee Jerk Reaction

Tips for Finding Effective Solutions in the Workplace

I’ve been fighting against my own knee jerk reactions lately.  Whether it is at work or at home, the knee-jerk reaction can be a compelling option when  you need to get a problem off your desk quickly. I blame it on the constant bombardment of information.  We need quick and easy so we can move […]