The Future of HR – Foreseeing What Would be Next

Impact of Technology, Innovative Employment Brands, Critical Role in Successful Companies

The future of HR looks bright. A decade ago the HR profession was more or less an administrative function that everyone deemed as glorified paper pushers. Most professionals in the industry worked long hours, had little resources, and were doing everything by hand. Fast-forward to today and the profession has undergone major changes. The technology that is being introduced into the market has completely revolutionized the space and challenges that were once difficult to overcome are now easily eradicated.

The Future of HR – Foreseeing What Would be Next

With the continued war on talent the future of HR is not only relevant, but it’s changing the dynamics of the workforce. HR professionals are using every weapon in their toolbox to recruit top talent in their specific industry. In doing so their companies are becoming global conglomerates that are changing the landscape of the market. The job of human resource professionals are no longer looked on as paper pushers, but those who are revolutionizing their companies through innovative employment brands and recruiting only the best talent for their organizations. Even if someone has the best product in the world if they can’t sell or market it there’s no point in having the product. Human Resource professionals are the ones who help find people to sell and market your company.

Those who have an outside view of what the HR profession hopefully understand the importance of the department and how they’re an integral part of any successful company. Without HR you don’t have the most successful employees in your company, you don’t have the resources that prevents lawsuits from wrongful terminations, discrimination, etc. nor do you have the resources available to recruit, retain, and prevent costly mistakes of employees leaving for a number of retention issues. I personally think that anyone who wants to be successful understands the importance of the human resources profession and how they interact within your organization.

Every organization needs to understand the importance behind HR and that the profession is growing and becoming an integral part of the success of companies. The future of HR is bright and if your company doesn’t understand the importance, there will be a lot of problems in the future. The future of HR will consist of even better technologies that affect the hiring process, recruitment process, and retention processes once the employee is hired. You’ll see the department play a critical role within each department on consulting promotions, firings, and everything that affects the actual employee.

What do you see in the future of HR? 


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Eric Friedman

Eric Friedman is the founder and CEO of eSkill Corporation, a leading provider of Web-based skills testing for pre-employment and training. Since 2003, has tested millions of job candidates for organizations worldwide such as Zappos, ADP, Coca-Cola, Randstad, and GE. With academic degrees in Psychology and Business and experience with both mature and expansion-stage company growth, Eric has focused on how to hire and motivate team members to be the best they can be for their companies.

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  1. Joe lazer says

    Rightly said. Technology will revolutionize HR and take it to the next level. Came across this whitepaper @ on how this can be achieved through technology “Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX to optimize your human resources function”.

  2. Greytip Online says

    Eric, appreciating your efforts to come up with a relevant post @ future HR
    “The future of HR will consist of even better technologies that affect the hiring process, recruitment process, and retention processes once the employee is hired” Well said

    If you look at even developing countries like India, this trend is very much visible. Interestingly, investors are open to spend towards HR & Payroll process automation.


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