VIP Party Guide #SHRM19


The annual 2019 SHRM conference is just around the corner, and for the 9th straight year Workology is cataloging all the parties, receptions, and events designed to give you a great SHRM experience. You can sign up by texting ‘SHRM’ to 55678.

Text ‘SHRM’ to 55678 or Sign Up Below

Starting on June 13th, SHRM VIP’s will have access for 48 hours to the 2019 party guide that is password protected only for you to view before it’s available to the public. Text ‘SHRM’ to 55678 and get all VIP access to everything after hours at SHRM.

VIP Members have access to new events, parties, and secret happenings. We have two secret Workology only events for VIP Members so text or complete the form below at any time until Wednesday, June 26th.

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