Q&A With Steve Wilson, President at OnTask

This interview is part of a series on Workology that features an HR Technology company, its founder and its features. For this post, we’re talking to Steve Wilson, President of OnTask.

Steve Wilson has dedicated his time at OnTask, a division of Accusoft, to making workflow automation simple and accessible for HR professionals. As the head of product management at OnTask, Steve has worked to develop a simple, no-code automation tool that fits the needs of HR departments. His work on OnTask allows HR team members to automate employee health tracking, onboarding, PTO requests, and various other human capital-based processes. In his spare time, you can find Steve coaching youth basketball for his two sons or saltwater fishing.

Q&A With Steve Wilson, President at OnTask


Q: How does OnTask serve employers and HR teams?

The concept of OnTask has always been about giving employees more time in their day to focus on the things that matter most. For HR teams, that means more time to spend on employee experience and retention efforts, as well as strategic planning. Our product allows users to send documents for signature, get forms filled, and even send automated emails as part of their workflows.

Creating this level of convenience has always been important to me. The idea for OnTask came about when our parent company, Accusoft’s, CEO was struggling to keep up with all of the documents coming across his desk. Now, with the way that the product has grown, we are able to help with processes that are traditionally paper-based or have a lot of manual steps like onboarding, offboarding, employee contracts, company training, and evaluations to name a few.

It’s not just about efficiency for us. When it comes to compliance, which is at the forefront of most HR professionals’ minds, OnTask is able to help with that too. During development, one of the most important things to me was ensuring our product had all of the security features necessary to not only keep client data safe but to make compliance a no-brainer for the people using it. I’m proud to say that we are HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 2, & CCPA compliant, and we can automate the delivery and review of policies and documents, giving an audit trail which helps take the burden off of HR teams who use our tool.

Q: What are the most important trends HR leaders should be focused on right now?

Something that I have been seeing a lot recently is an ongoing trend of retention troubles. I know there has been a lot of buzz about “the great resignation”, but I think there is a reason for it. New challenges have arisen due to the pandemic and the sheer amount of remote work opportunities out there. Instead of competing locally for talent, companies are now competing nationally for the right talent. And, when work is remote it can be harder to keep a pulse-check on employee satisfaction and retention efforts for those already on the team.

Focusing on things like employee evaluations and exit surveys has proven to be successful for my business, as well as many of the clients we are working with. Feedback should go both ways at an organization, and spinning around the opportunity for feedback and collaboration from managers and employees is essential right now. The trends in feedback you’re seeing from employees within your organization are the most important of all, so I would suggest collecting feedback on at least a quarterly basis.

Q: What is the biggest challenge employers are facing when adapting to a fully remote or hybrid workplace?

Piggybacking off of what I mentioned earlier, I think employee satisfaction is a huge challenge right now for a lot of companies. Employee satisfaction starts from the moment onboarding begins, and it can be challenging to create the right first impression when the process is remote. Many of the complaints I hear are that companies are using PDFs that need to be filled or signed, which can make onboarding difficult for new hires; not to mention the HR employees having to follow up on documents sent.

And then on top of that, small things that can really show employees you care are a bit more complicated when work is not in-person. For example, we offer things like tuition reimbursement, and we’ve made the process so much easier by using our own product to create a workflow for it. This makes it easier for employees to submit and takes the burden off of our HR team who processes these documents.

Automation in and of itself can seem like a big challenge, but it is actually really easy to implement. Once implementation happens, you can just let it run and use it as a tool that can help alleviate the challenges that HR faces, and the processes that create frustration among employees.

Q: How does OnTask help HR offer a better employee experience?

For those processes that I mentioned earlier which have become harder to manage due to COVID and remote work; OnTask is able to step in and fill the gaps that have been created. To put it simply, we make those processes less annoying and tedious for everyone involved.

On the managerial side, OnTask simplifies approval processes for expense reports, which tend to be a pain for most people. OnTask cuts out steps like emailing approvals or denials with automated emails and also allows employees to easily upload their receipts in a central place. We’ve implemented this with our own organization and it has saved our team hours each month when expenses are due. This has been especially helpful for us, and many of our clients since remote work doesn’t allow us to walk things to another person’s desk to look over.

Q: How can OnTask improve efficiency at the organizational level?

It’s not just HR departments that can benefit from automation. All the processes I’ve described earlier are similar to other document problems in various departments. Sales contracts, NDAs, general paperwork that requires a signature, and even things like back-office paperwork for medical facilities and educational institutions can be automated to alleviate stress.

Take for example our work with San Juan College. When we first started our partnership, they had signed on to automate employee contracts that could no longer be collected in person due to COVID. That process went so well for them that they began automating everything from vendor contracts to study abroad and academic honesty acknowledgments, and even applications for their on-campus programs.

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