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5 Holiday Networking Tips for College Students & Young Careerists

Internship Networking Tips During The Holidays

HR Pros, take our state of the internship survey and help us uncover internship program trends by HR and Recruiters.  Click here.  Holiday Party & Networking Tips for College Students Did you just finish those final exams?  Now is the best time for college students to be super focused on landing that perfect summer internship!  […]

Ten Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-workers and a Terrible Work Environment

workplace, workplace environment, hostile, co workers

“If life give you lemons, keep them. Because hey, free lemons.” If you’ve been reading my posts on Workology, you might accuse me of being a Pollyanna. You know that annoying co-worker who always looks on the bright side of life? The one who tells you to take a problem to your boss when your […]

Avoiding Office Injuries: Keeping Workers Safe and Saving Money

How Safety Impacts Work Incidents

How Safety Impacts Work Incidents “Wow. I’m going to be working in an office. How dangerous can this job be?” I thought as my current employer asked me about how I approach safety in my second interview. I was dead wrong. According to Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index for 2011, virtually all of the workplace […]

Facebook Jobs Will Change Online Recruitment Forever

Facebook and Recruiting Online

Having spent more than some time in the HR and recruiting industry, I’ve seen the fall of traditional news media help wanted ads, the growth of the job board industry, the decline of the job board and now the rise social media.  While many have claimed each of these news and media distribution channels are […]

I’m Too Sexy for This Job from #SHRM12

When your Work Dresscode Can be Disruptive

Fired for Being Too Sexy at Work Keep your shirt on and make sure it doesn’t have too low of cleavage. Because if you’re too sexy, you could lose your job, though you’d have legal recourse.  Buzz Rooney wrote about uncomfortable conversations at work when it comes to certain female assets like cleavage. At SHRM […]

Social Engagement is like Parfait

Social Media & Leadership in & at the Workplace

And Everybody Likes Parfait Especially at Work. Yes, I just quoted from the movie Shrek, only slightly modified to fit the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference. At the Annual SHRM Conference, I was asked to give my tip for 360 degree engagement. I really had to think about this one because there are so many tips […]