7 Steps to a Kick Ass Job in the New Year

Job search tips to help you land a job

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Kick Ass Job Search Tips

The New Year is about renewal, rejuvenation, possibilities and jump starting your job search.  Historically, January is the highest month for employee turnover.  Often times managers delay involuntary terminations and layoffs until after the holiday season.  No one likes delivering depressing news during the festive holiday season.  Employers also generally don’t hire at the end of the year.  The new year ushers in the new fiscal year bringing new sales budgets, forecasts, and expectations.  Employers will begin adding positions and hiring new staff to fill forecasted gaps starting in mid-January.  The time is now.

The challenge for job seekers is preparing in advance for the job search.  This means getting your employment ducks in a row.  You’re dusting off those killer cover letters and awesome resumes.  Unfortunately, that’s not enough.  While companies are more likely to hire in 2013 than in recent years, the competition is stiff.  The best defense letting you land a new job in the new year is a killer offense getting you noticed among the hundreds or even thousands of resumes.  I’m here to help you with with kick ass job search tips to help you land a job you love in 2013.

  • The Not-So-Extreme Makeover. Sometimes a change will do you good.  A haircut and color can go a long way to give you the added confidence to lead with your best qualities in the job search.  Take advantage of the holiday sales on suits and business interview attire.  Most retail companies fiscal year doesn’t end until January 31st, and they want to keep the holiday spending momentum by enticing you to use those holiday gift cards.
  • Clean Up Your Social Profiles.  I’d like to think this goes without saying and yet I’ve seen my share of drunk social posts on New Year’s Eve.  Delete, delete, and delete.  Repeat, repeat, and repeat.  Share stories, blogs, and insights that are specific to the job in the industry you want because recruiters and hiring managers are monitoring candidate social media activity in greater numbers than ever before.  Update that professional headshot and refresh and optimize your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Business Cards Matter. The exchange of business cards is the number one way to network with business professionals.  Don’t let your lack of business cards leave the wrong impression. Include your target job title on your business card along with your contact information and LinkedIn profile or blog.  VistaPrint offers 250 free business cards to everyone.  You pay only shipping and processing.  No catch just the VistaPrint Logo on the back of your cards.  Get your job search marketing materials in order to leave a positive, experienced, and qualified impression.
  • Practice Your Pitch.  Steve Jobs rehearsed and prepared hundreds of hours to give a single speech.  His announcements were legendary, and he went to great lengths orchestrating  anticipating, and preparing for every single detail.  Practice your elevator pitch, introduction, and answers to the most common interview questions.  Every encounter, meeting, and conversation offers a potential job lead or business opportunity.  Always be prepared.
  • Leverage Your Network. Up to 80% of jobs go unadvertised. A simple email message to your close business colleagues and friends with a copy of your resume and a short note detailing your target position and companies can be the difference maker.  Don’t only rely on social networking platforms to network.  Don’t just tweet me or send a LinkedIn message.  It’s not enough.  Pick up the phone and meet with business contacts face to face.
  • Hit the Gym. Job opportunities happen in the strangest places.  I have hired candidates I met at grocery stores, restaurants, and on vacation.  The gym is a great place to help to look your best in the new year but also to network.  Participate in classes and team sport activities where personal interactions and conversations are more likely to happen.
  • Volunteer. This is a great place to meet and build relationships with your city’s movers and shakers while doing something good for the community.  A solid volunteer history can demonstrate to a hiring manager that you’ve been working without actually working.  Work with non-profit agencies where you can gain valuable skills and industry related experience to give you an edge.

How to Find Work & Employment

Landing a kick ass job and employment you love in the new year can happen, but is starts with you.  How to find work can be a challenge, but it’s nothing that can’t be done.  Now, get out there, get motivated, and get moving.

Get more resume writing and cover letter tips, by downloading Blogging4Jobs’ FREE career toolkit including resume and coverletter templates.  Click here.  

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