50 Reasons Why the World of Work Needs Blogs (in HR)

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The World of Work Needs an HR Blog

HR and the world of work needs blogs.  Don’t believe me, check out these 40 HR bloggers and influencers who are driving change and conversations in HR starting with their blogs.  During 2011, 70 million new blogs were registered on WordPress alone; as of the end of 2012, Tumblr users had uploaded a staggering 80 billion posts – which works out to about 12 posts for every global internet user. We, as humans crave advice, information, and tips to help us do our jobs better, and we look to peers as well as experts to share insights.  Blogging is a great way for service providers to interact, engage, and develop relationships with managers, leaders, and practitioners who are responsible for human capital management. We can connect with our audience in short quick bursts building a relationship over the long term.  It’s also a great way to level the playing field when you are looking to establish yourself as an expert or to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s also a great networking tool.

Finding topics to blog about proves to be a challenge, and most bloggers loose steam 18 months into writing their blog.  Writing regularly is hard.  Sometimes it’s just tough to get creative.  Blog topic and content ideas don’t flow, and we feel like we are repeating the same things.  I often say I go through phases of being hot and cold when it comes to the blog which is why I keep an editorial calendar and bucket of content summaries for those writers block-filled rainy days.  I put together for an ebook just released titled, 50 Blog Post Ideas for HR and Recruiting.  You can download the 21 page electronic book for free, but first here are 10 blog post ideas to get your blogging creative juices flowing.

  • Tough Conversations and Tackling Mental Health at Work.  Given the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook, I believe this needs to be discussed for not only the safety at work but our families and children.
  • How to Keep Your Applicant & Employee Data Secure.  One of the big concerns for HR and companies when moving to the cloud is the security of your employee and applicant data.  File cabinets are fine but cloud computing offers better security and access to data and information anywhere.
  • How to Build a Summer Intern Program.  Relationship recruiting is important when courting college candidates especially for those with engineering and science degrees.  Learn from other organizations on how they court, engage, and win through their summer internship program.
  • 5 Hiring Best Practices Made Easy.  This is a standard article that discusses time testing tactics that recruiters and hiring managers can use to make recruiting less time consuming and more fluid.
  • 8 Questions to Ask Job Seeker During a Video Interview.  Video interviewing technologies are on the rise.  Sometimes, the technology can get in the way of asking the tough questions.  Here are eight of my favorite interview questions to ask your job seeker during their video interview.
  • How to Handle Uncomfortable Situations at Work.  We spend more time at work than with our families.  I’m talking about waking hours.  How do we handle those uncomfortable situations and scenarios at work from terminations to passing gas to the big girl that doesn’t wear a bra at the office?  Every HR person and manager has a story to tell.
  • 3 Types of Recruiting: the Short Game, Candidate Pipeline & the Long Play.  There are three types of recruiting Just in Time, Candidate Pipeline, and the Long Play of Building Your Employer Brand.  We’ll briefly discuss how each of these is different.
  • 7 Recruiting Time Management Techniques You Must Use Now.  Time is all we have. Here are some handy techniques from the recruitment trenches you can use now to save time, energy, and keep from getting bogged down.
  • What the Fiscal Cliff Means for HR.  Because HR is not income generating, we, in a way, face our own fiscal cliff.  We are not ever thought of as bringing in revenue for the organization.  Learn why the fiscal cliff in HR is real and it just might be more of a philosophical rift than you first thought.
  • Open Mouth. Insert Foot. Overcoming Your Big Mouth at the Office.  We’ve all said something at the office we wish we could take back, press pause, or stop type and reverse.  Learn the best way to overcome that uncomfortable moment when you insert your big mouth at your workplace.

Resources for Human Capital & Human Resources

I can honestly say that blogging has changed my life.  It has awakened a creative side that I tucked away in favor of my corporate HR ladder climbing aspirations.  I’m glad I re-evaluated my priorities and found my own way.  Blogging provides resources for human capital management as well as human resources.  My ebook includes 50 blog topics an content summaries along with tips, tricks, and blogging secrets to help you blog for HR.  Let me help you plan your 2013 blogging content and editorial calendar.  Let’s get started!  Download it here.

And congratulations to those 39 (plus me) HR bloggers and online influences who made the HRBN list!

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  1. Rosemary Hook says

    Hi Jessica,

    I follow your blog regularly. Love the Cream of Wheat story. My mom served this as well and we considered it a treat when we got the chocolate Cream of Wheat. Not sure I got the butter part as we were the milk & sugar kids 🙂

    p.s. How to Build a Summer Intern Program — great blogging idea. I don’t blog for work but for quasi fun-save-my-sanity because people like you are doing such a good job covering topics!

    • Ray_anne says

      Hi Rosemary–

      Thanks for liking the “Cream of Wheat” story – I actually wrote that blog! We have a great slew of writers here at Blogging4Jobs and really appreciate the feedback…

      I loved how the Cream of Wheat tasted on my buttered toast, so I assumed a dab of butter would taste great in the cereal, itself – I was right!

      Thanks again!

      -Rayanne Thorn

  2. Wheeldo says

    Thanks for this funny and engaging article on blogging and very useful list of 40 HR Bloggers. Although it sounds so much fun and it ”changed your life” it is fair to admit it needs some (hard) work and requires consistence.

    For all who are not writing own blogs or don’t have time to write on regular basis, but would like to contribute on HR topics, training, engagement and similar we have the opportunity on Wheeldo blog., so feel free to get in touch. This applies to experienced bloggers, too. Just get in touch on http://blog.wheeldo.com/contribute/. Thanks.



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