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The Essential Job Seeker Toolkit & More

In 2007, I started blogging here at Blogging4Jobs with the intention of providing job seekers information, resources, and insights into why they couldn’t get the job.  As a corporate HR and Recruiting pro, my hands were tied.  Attorneys advised me from giving you the real reason you didn’t get the job for fear it could […]

Crowdsourcing the Job Search with Social Media

Crowdsourcing in your job search

While playing around on Google+ today I saw a post by Chris Brogan.  Because of the sheer volume of followers I have in my own tweet stream, I’m sad to admit that I miss out on some of Chris’s insights.  But thankfully for Google+ and Chris’s post, I saw this great video and blog post […]

Overachievers And Why We Hate Them

overachievers, underachievers,

Why Do We Hate Overachievers? I work very hard at what I do with every client, presentation, and article I write.  Some may call me an overachiever.  I work long hours, solve complex problems and do it all with a passion and a smile most days.  I love what I d0, but not everyone loves […]

Fear Monster — What’s Driving Your Decisions?

Is Fear your number one driving factor?

Fear — it’s the only thing that holds us back.  In my line of work, I see this every single day.  HR professionals are fearful of the change that they oversee.  Fearful of the extra work.  They fear the unknown.  They fear what they can’t control.  The fear of the beyond.  But what people love […]

Rehiring Employees — The Jay Leno Effect

The Effect of Rehiring Employees

The economy for some seems to be improving and as a hiring manager or organizational leader.  You may have experienced or participated in employee and corporate layoffs over the last 6-36 months.  Depending on the size of your organization, economic status, and depth of layoff some of your experienced, knowledgeable, and experience employees may have […]

How to Write Social Media Policies: Using Social Media in the Workplace

Company social media policies

Using Social Media in the Workplace for Employees Social media policies and guidelines don’t have to be complicated.  With the average American spending six to twelve hours a month on Facebook, social media is an essential part of millions of Americans daily lives.  Due to the growing popularity in using social media, human resource professionals […]