Networking for the Holidays

Preparing To Network For The Holidays

This week’s web show focused on preparing to network for the holidays.  Yes, I said the holidays.  At present, there are 75 days left till Christmas which means plenty of opportunities to attend family events, holiday parties, and other networking events.  For me, the holiday networking season begins with Halloween which is on Saturday this year.  And as of this week, I have already received my first Halloween party invite.

Many companies don’t hire during the holidays outside of retail and call centers because businesses are looking to cut costs as they go into the fourth business quarter.  However, holiday hiring does still happen, and even so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to start building relationships now in preparation for the improved economy and 2010?  I say, yes.

Networking no matter with friends, family, professional contacts, or a business event can be lead to a new job opportunity.  View my webshow to learn how and don’t forget to take a look at another blog post, “7 Ways to Network for the Holidays.

And don’t forget to tune into to my show live on MomTV on every Sunday at 9 PM EST.  Our next show is sure to be controversial as the topic covers physical enhancements to help you in the job search with a live botox injection on the show! Read the Botox & Your Job Search Press Release.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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