Ep 53 – McDonalds to Train Store Employees

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Here are today’s HR and workplace news headlines from Workology Go Podcast. I’m Jessica Miller-Merrell. The Workology Go Podcast is sponsored by Workology.

Ep 53 – McDonalds to Train Store Employees on Mitigating & Identifying Violence

Here are today’s HR and workplace news headlines from Workology Go Podcast. I’m Jessica Miller-Merrell. This podcast is sponsored by Workology.

Last month, McDonald’s announced that it will introduce new workplace training centered on harassment and workplace safety. Roughly 850,000 employees from line cooks to managers at nearly 14,000 U.S. restaurants will receive training through interactive and computer-based training programs and in-person discussions.

The announcement comes after months of criticism of McDonald’s by its restaurant workers, who say they have experienced violence, sexual harassment and other workplace issues at both corporate and franchise locations. In May, workers’ rights organizations and the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund said a number of sexual harassment charges and lawsuits had been filed against the fast food chain, and workers hosted a protest in Chicago over the issue.

Today’s featured article comes from Workology and is a podcast interview with an expert on workplace training.

This has been a huge news story and, while McDonald’s won’t close its stores like Starbucks did in May of 2018 for unconscious bias training, it is mandated for both locations owned by the corporate HQ in Chicago and strongly recommended to franchisees (who can choose to participate or not). While a public relations nightmare for large companies, complaints like those McDonald’s received or the incident in Philadelphia last year that led Starbucks to close stores for a day-long training can have lasting negative impact on an employer brand. Ideally, other companies would learn from cases like these and implement training for all employees on sexual harassment, safety, racial bias, and other workplace issues so that they can ensure they don’t become a national news story for putting employees in jeopardy or discriminating against customers.

I think that McDonald’s is doing the right to focus on training. I’d love though more in person and scenario based training. It sends the right message to the public, customers and employees that we need safe businesses and workplaces. Like you, I’m unsettled with the increased violence and shootings that are happening, and as HR leaders we need to work with our employees to educate them and provide them with training and resources on how to handle these types of situations. What happens when someone brings a gun to the office or a customer comes in with their AK47?

I’ve included some resources for you in the transcript of this Workology Go Podcast. I don’t have the answers, but I think this is an important discussion we can have together and certainly one you should having with your organizational leadership.

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