Ep 35 – Updating Job Postings to Reach Qualified Candidates

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Ep 35 – Updating Job Postings to Reach Qualified Candidates

I’ve said that your career site is the heart of your digital brand. It’s the one piece of real estate that you as an employer fully own and control. Your job postings are also important digital real estate that attracts, educates and converts candidates into applicants for your job openings.

Job postings serve as a marketing resources designed to attract and qualify candidates to your specific job opening. Once they have landed on the posting itself, the job posting is supposed to call candidates to act which is either applying for the job or joining your talent community.

Today’s featured article comes from Workology and is one of our most popular resources titled, “How to Write a Job Description [Template]”.

We’ll include a link to our job posting template resource in the transcript of this podcast. Right now I’m working on my new book titled, Digitizing Talent: Creative Strategies for the Digital Recruiting Age.

One of the common misconceptions about job postings is that they also serve as job descriptions. Job descriptions are typically used for internal use and serve as compliance documents that provide employees and leaders the specifics of the job including essential job requirements. Job postings on the other hand are marketing assets designed to attract job candidates to the role. These are part of your recruitment marketing funnel. The goal is to provide them with resources and information about the job where they express interest. From there it’s the job of the recruiter and hiring manager to qualify that candidate for the role and determine if they are a good fit. The job posting is not a compliance document.

Job postings needs to be written in such a way that gives the candidate specific information about the job and compels them to want to learn more. These postings should be compelling content that’s fun and easy to read that is also optimized for search. You want to make your job posting found easily by qualified job seekers on job boards, your career site, job aggregator like Indeed and Glassdoor and easily found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I’ll include a resources on search basics for job postings in the resources section of this transcript as well.

One of my favorite job postings right now are not just written text but video and audio job listings. Companies like Dell have done a great job of having employees share stories about the job role. I’ve also seen hiring managers post short videos that they add to social media or to the job posting talking about the role they are hiring for and the team that person will be working with. Companies like Charles Schwab have taken this a step even further targeting candidates using creative targeting with Facebook advertising for their job postings. I’ll include two images from their campaigns in the transcript of this podcast.

It’s that personal story using different media types that helps humanize the hiring process and let that personal story from the hiring manager or team come through.

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