Ep 33 – Remote Workers Have Labor Law Posting Requirements Too

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Ep 33 – Remote Workers Have Labor Law Posting Requirements Too

Remote work is no longer a privilege. It’s become the standard operating for at least 50% of the U.S. population. Much of my own team works remote. We are living in a different virtual workplace that you and I started out in. Finding ways to engage and communicate with your team are a challenge. In fact, loneliness is listed as the number one issue for virtual workers, and I’m thinking about that for my own team.

Aside from engaging your virtual workers, there are other concerns that might not be on your HR radar including the topic of labor law posting requirements.

Today’s featured article comes from  Postertracker.com  and is titled, “Remote Worker Jobs are on the Rise and Have Special Labor Law Posting Requirements.”

In the virtual workplace, how and should we share and communicate about employment laws. In the traditional workplace, it’s easy. We place these things in break rooms and kitchen areas except we don’t have those things in the virtual workplace. My team works on the internet and with online communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft teams. We talk to each other via instant messenger, over video conferencing, and via comments on Google Drive.

How should we handle communicating labor law poster requirements to our virtual employees?

Ashley Kaplan, Esq., Senior Employment Law Attorney with ComplyRight, the nation’s leading provider of HR compliance solutions including Poster Guard, weighs in:

As you’ve already mentioned remote work is on the rise in nearly everyone US industry and when it comes to your remote workers and telacomutors posting compliance presence a unique challenge. By law, employers must provide the manditory labor law notices to all employees and that includes your offsite workers, telacomuters, people who work in the field, and those who work from home. For years the Poster Guard’s legal team has gotten questions from our customers saying they have employees who work from home and they wanted to know what they’re supposed to do in terms of the posters. Should they be sending these employees full size laminated posters and we’ve all kind of laugh trying to imagine someone working from home puttitng all these posters in their kitchen or on their bathroom walls.

Obviously, that wouldn’t work for everyone especially since their are up to 21 required posters depending on your state, that is not required. The federal government agencies have recently clarified you don’t have to provide the physical posters to these off site employees, instead you can provide them elctronically and this is a narrow exception by the way. Electronic posting otherwise is not a substitute for the full size wall postings at your facilities but for remote workers, that includes anyone that reports to the office less frequently than 3 to 4 times per month government has recognized electronic delivery as a compliant way to meet your labor law and posting obligations.

Virtual and remote workers are expected to increase in numbers which is why finding a way to stay up to date to local, federal and state compliance and law changes is essential as well as establishing a communication process that works for you and your team.

In addition to Workology, I also own a coworking and shared office space in Austin. Our location which is two years old is bursting at the seams. I see firsthand, the growth in this virtual and remote workplace industry. In fact, I was just talking to a new office tenant about this very topic and the core office hours for his team who lives in Austin and the surrounding areas but is commuting to the city. How you engage, communicate, and lead your remote workers is just as unique as your organization and teams.

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Remote Worker Jobs are on the Rise and Have Special Labor Law Posting Requirements

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