Ep 19 – Fake Videos Are a Threat to Your Workplace

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Ep 19 – Fake Videos Are a Threat to Your Workplace

It’s not like we have enough to worry about, but we do. There are things like money, work and being late that create the most stress in our lives, however, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about how AI is being used as well as manipulated as part of our lives.

Today’s featured story comes from CNN which I found after seeing a pretty convincing video of Nancy Pelosi speaking that was shared on social media recently. YouTube quickly removed the video, but I started thinking more about what’s really driving this technology.

Another video the researchers posted to YouTube a couple of weeks ago showed multiple examples of how convincing it can look, as well as how much work is yet to be done. Impressively animated versions of physicist Albert Einstein, actress Marilyn Monroe and surrealist painter Salvador Dali were generated from iconic images of them.

But each was missing something: Einstein’s voluminous hairdo didn’t quite move with his head, Dali’s matchstick-thin mustache was cut short, and Monroe’s famous mole was absent from her cheek.

Now we’ll embed the video in the transcript of this episode of the Workology Go podcast, for you to see. It’s pretty convincing, but I want us to go beyond fake news and think about how this might be able to be used in the workplace.

I’m not talking about all this technology to scare you but I want you to use the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence. I don’t expect you to go to school and get your PhD in machine learning or AI, but I do want to encourage you to become the workplace expert on how AI can be and is being used in your business.

Here are some thoughts from Jim Fructerman on how AI is being used in the workplace and why it’s our responsibility to help drive this innovation to be used responsibly. Jim’s talking about AI’s use in HR technology He’s talking about some of the potential discrimination that can happen with AI.

As a business person or should know are false or have been told or false and I don’t actually look into it. And so the example of these vendors being told you know your your machine learning tool discriminates against women it discriminates against African-Americans or people color it it discriminates against LGBT people it discriminates against your disabilities. And often the vendors say some variation on.

Well we went into this field to make you know a machine learning thing that doesn’t see gender doesn’t see color doesn’t see sexual orientation doesn’t doesn’t see disability. But what they forget is they choose proxies in their data that are substitutes for gender and ethnicity and sexual orientation and disability. And then the machine discriminates not because it saw these things but because the patterns the data exist. So if you’ve never ever hired someone who went to let’s say some universities that primarily cater to African-Americans and African-American kids it will never be surfaced by the machine if which school you went to is one of the key pieces of data.

If you’ve never ever hired someone from a historically black college or university. So it’s some it’s very sloppy and I think that I think that many of the machine learning people should be embarrassed. Of course this is not surprising to society at this moment in time when we see you know what Facebook and Google et al have actually done with their terrific machine learning algorithms which are let’s say not advancing the objectives of democracy and easy safe living online.

It’s really up to us to help educate our leaders on technology especially workplace tech. Otherwise, someone is going to do it for us which is why I want you to get involved. Take a class, read some of our resources, and sit down with your IT team and senior leadership to talk about what you’re learning and how collectively you can prepare for this changing landscape. The tech is only going to get smarter and fakes like Nancy’s video will soon be almost impossible to fake. Let’s get educated and become our company’s AI expert.

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