ENGAGE Talent Provides Employers Total Talent Intelligence From Sourcing, Recruiting, to Retention

ENGAGE Talent Provides Employers Total Talent Intelligence From Sourcing, Recruiting, to Retention 

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I often refer to talent as the leaky bucket syndrome. As organizational leaders, we are often so focused on filling our talent funnel with candidates that we often overlook or forget to plug the hole. Meaning we keep filling and refilling our talent bucket forgetting to take a step back and think to plug the hole. Plugging the hole of your bucket refers to retention which could mean addressing engagement, retention issues, and/or challenges or bottlenecks in the recruiting process that are leading to no shows, ghosting, or rescinded offers. Most of the time, it starts with a plan and strategy that is proactive in nature which can be a challenge since it seems like so many of us spend the majority of our work lives putting out fires instead of anticipating and planning for talent emergencies.

ENGAGE Talent is a recruiting technology that does both. It helps you fill your talent bucket quickly while also monitoring your competition and your own company culture in the event your bucket springs a leak. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and demo ENGAGE Talent, and I was immediately impressed with their approach offering employer pre-hire and post-hire support focused on three areas 1) Recruit, 2) Retain, and 3) Protect.

ENGAGETalent’s HR technology allows employers a way to do the following:

  1. First to engage passive candidates filling proactively filling their talent buckets
  2. Identify retention risk while also providing target messaging and culture epulse checks.
  3. Focus on protecting people’s privacy

Their artificial intelligence technology actively listens to more than 30,000 sources analyzes millions of data points providing the HR and recruiting team up to the minute data and insights allowing them to spring into action.

ENGAGE Talent provides real-time insights and market intelligence into company information, industry and economic trends and individuals who, based on search criteria and preferences, are likely open to new job opportunities.

Increase Your Cold Candidate Outreach Response Rates 

What I also love about their technology is the talent retention risk scoring feature. This updates daily measuring organizational sentiment and provides the user a score from 1 to 100 predicting the likelihood that an organization is experiencing an increase in turnover or other organizational hiccups. Talent leaders have the confidence to reach out to a targeted candidate list by organization that are highly likely to respond to outreach for job opportunities and inquiries versus cold emails, Inmails, and phone calls.

ENGAGE Talent not only provides you with the talent retention risk scoring but provides employers more resources and suggested companies they should also consider in their candidate outreach and recruitment marketing efforts.

This feature is called Talent Flow which provides detailed information on the types of technology that an organization has implemented at their company. For example, if you are looking for an HRIS Analyst with Workday experience, Talent Flow provides you details in which organization use Workday as part of their technology stack allowing your recruiting team the ability to micro-target their candidate outreach.

Elevate Your Candidate Sourcing 

Aside from ENGAGETalent’s talent retention and sentiment features, they have hands down one of the easiest to navigate and comprehensive souring technology platforms I’ve seen. Their technology pulls actual candidate profiles based on special skills, company information, and the likelihood of whether the candidate is willing to respond to messages and open for new job opportunities. Their platform pulls data from multiple sites and sources including GitHub and Payscale to provide detailed information on the candidate’s experience as well as likely salary levels. Additionally, recruiters are able to get a candidate’s contact information including their personal and professional email address, phone number, and social media profiles with suggestions from ENGAGETalent on the best channel to message and recommendations on how to engage.

For myself, I see this as a great tool to use for a variety of your recruiting and retention efforts. One area that I can see recruiting marketers really taking advantage of is using ENGAGE Talent to build retargeting campaigns. With ENGAGE Talent, you can easily build an email retargeting list to upload into social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn to micro-target your candidates, build relationships, and passively engaging them with sponsored posts, events, and other specialized updates. Targeting candidates this way not only saves you money on your recruitment marketing spend but allows candidates to passively research you and become exposed to you as an employer before the recruiter moves forward with the targeted outreach.

ENGAGE Talent’s total talent intelligence provides employers insights, information, and data throughout every step of the employee life cycle. I love their approach and their commitment to using data and artificial intelligence responsibility. I know you will too.

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