Can Imitation and the “Enactment Effect” Subconsciously Improve Your Chess Game?

Have you ever heard of the concept of subliminal learning? While the gimmicky idea of listening to educational tapes during sleep has been largely rubbished as having any tangible benefits, there is significant scientific evidence suggesting that your brain is capable of assimilating information without your conscious awareness of it – and that the information […]

List of Cities and States with Paid Leave Ordinances. Will Austin Be Next?

Now that I’m a resident of Austin, I’d like to talk about a proposed paid sick leave ordinance that is up for a vote by the Austin City Council on February 15, 2018. The proposed ordinance mandating all private employers to pay sick leave would be a first for Texas. The ordinance requires that employers allow […]

How to Make the Most of Downtime at Work

How to Make the Most of Downtime at Work   Americans work longer and harder than virtually every other developed economy in the world. As a nation, we don’t seem to get much downtime. Perhaps that’s why it can be so challenging to find ways to use it effectively. However, that doesn’t mean downtime isn’t […]

SXSW Exclusive: Universal Basic Income’s Role in the Future of HR

universal basic income human resources artificial intelligence

Major advancements in automation and AI are changing the face of the workplace and the business world at large. Last month, I sat down with Peter Weddle, the author of Circle 2118, to discuss the implications. In his podcast interview on artificial intelligence and HR, he shared several startling figures, including a report from Boston […]