KISMET (kiz-met)

Kizmet It means fate, luck, providence, chance or divine will. I give up all sweets for Lent because it is very difficult for me to do so; over half of my consumed calories on any given day come from Hot Tamales, cakes, pies, cookies, jams or frozen desserts of some kind. My Girl Scout cookie investment showed […]

It’s Time for Feminism Reform

It’s the presidential political season here in the U.S. This is the time where politicians on both sides of the aisle start talking about how they can reform various aspects of government. True reform on any political issue is rarely the result, but sometimes we take a few small steps in the right direction. This […]

Unknown Battles of Women

A women at work theme on PiC this month? No worries, I know lots of women at work. My wife is a woman at work. She has been in a leadership or entrepreneurial roles since she was 23. My mother is semi-retired and continues running her business on a limited scale because she enjoys it. My […]

Marginalizing Women

The song remains the same. By now we should know we have a problem with women in the workplace. Despite the fact that they outnumber men (at least in the US) in total workforce population, percent of management and professionals, they cannot find their way into the C-suite. I’m constantly surprised people don’t know this. […]