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Human Resources. HR. It’s an industry that is elusive in understanding many including your CEO, hiring manager or employees. Just exactly who is HR and what do they do for your business, compliance and for the employee? I’ve often said that HR has a PR problem, but in truth, it’s more than that. It’s a […]

4 Ways to Gain Credibility with C-Suite Leadership

What techniques are effective to create a collaborative relationship between HR leaders and the C-suite? I’m not speaking of a ‘seat at the table’ – organizations move too fast to be sitting down! However, time and time again, we hear about how HR believes they aren’t a part of the strategic direction of an organization […]

Women at Work: How to Command a Room #SHRM18

Earlier this year, I launched a series here on Workology focused on women in the workplace. The feedback from my first blog post was clear. I received many emails, DMs and phone calls sharing their stories and wanting more. Since I’ve written about women supporting women in the workplace, and because it’s a topic that […]