A resume too good to pass up

Pretty Impressive Resume

I’ve seen some pretty impressive resumes in my day, but none as good as this one. I think I finally found the “perfect” candidate. (Smile) A resume too good to pass up *** Jesus The Christ The Stables Bethlehem 11111 1-800-911-9111 OBJECTIVE Preach the gospel to the poor. Heal the brokenhearted. Preach deliverance to the […]

Ways Candidates Annoy Recruiters

Different Ways to Annoy Recruiters

Yes, we’ve all seen this topic before but this post will have a tad different spin….I’m bringing this up because spring is around the corner and graduates will soon be sending me inflated resumes along with their egos. 22 page resumes. Oh, they exist, and they are a nightmare. DO NOT send me even a […]

Why you should Outsource HR

Why you Should Consider Outsourced HR

Great presentation with plenty of food for thought. Check it out… Why you should Outsource HR   | View | Upload your own   Okay, now did you know this before I posted this?

The Death of the Resume?

Recent Discoveries Suggest that Talent Must Back Away from the Idea of Disclosing Personal Data on Job Posting Boards The Death of the Resume? By Jim Hammock It’s not as bad as the Washington D.C.’s escort service “little black book” scandal, but the results could be just as disastrous if you were one of the […]