SHOCKING STATISTIC: 80% of new jobs have gone to foreign workers

Statistics Show new Jobs are Going to Foreign Workers

The article below cites a shocking statistic making the rounds in London. I wonder if this could happen in the United States? I also wonder if it did, would people blame foreign workers for stealing jobs or themselves for not getting the education required to work those same jobs? If US workers had the majority […]

I would never take a counteroffer, but others disagree

Opinions on Counter Offers

I’ve never accepted a counter-offer in my ten years of working, as flattering as that is. (And, yes, I have received counter-offers.) Why? According to conventional opinion, it will cause resentment among peers and reduce your days at the job you have opted to keep. After all, how can they know you’re “really” a team […]

Are You Keyword Optimizing Your Resume?

How to keyword optimize their resumes

Hat tip to Pinny Cohen who wrote a very intriguing post awhile back explaining to jobseekers how to keyword optimize their resumes. As this would make my job as a Searchologist so much easier, I feel compelled to share Pinny’s most excellent work with the hope that it sparks a trend among those open to […]

Top 200 Universities in the world as ranked by recruiters

Top 200 Universities in the world

Hey guys! I found this really great resource online and wanted to share it with you. Below is a subset of data compiled by The Times Higher Education Supplement.  They have a lot of goodness over there when it comes to stats around education and such, so be sure to check them out. Top 200 […]

The number one search engine is not Google

Dogpile ranks highest among search engines

For a second consecutive year, Dogpile ranks highest among search engines in satisfying residential Internet service subscribers with primary search, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Residential Online Service Customer Satisfaction StudySM released today. The number one search engine is not Google The study, now in its fourth year, examines consumer behavior, experiences […]

80+ Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems that Work

How many ways can you track a resume once a candidate has applied for a job? Well, at least 80, judging by the list of Applicant Tracking Systems. If anyone has any experience with the following and can make a recommendation (or can let me know in the comments section what I have missed), I […]