Time Off Requests for Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

How Do You Handle Time Off Requests for Employees? Among cherished employee rights are time off, vacation time and sick time.  What do you do when an employee request time off?  Even if just for a half-day?   You are probably thinking to yourself, “That has got to be the dumbest question Haberman has ever asked.” In […]

Would It Help?: When to Talk Politics at Work

In 2015’s Bridge of Spies, an apt and conscientious lawyer, James Donovan, played by Tom Hanks, unpopularly and with personal risk defends a Soviet spy named Rudolf Abel, who is on trial for espionage and facing a death sentence. Politics and work! Donovan asks Abel, played by Mark Rylance, several times in different ways if […]

Improving Communication In Your Workplace Team

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When most teams within an organization discuss communications, we tend to focus on communication with our customers or for recruiters and HR, that’s communication with our candidates. While this is essential for successful sales as well as recruitment and hiring strategies, effective communication is essential for organizations and their teams. So, how can you ensure […]

Make More! is Mindless Factory Work for Your Thumbs

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Gamification, the application of game elements to non-game tasks and activities has spread from marketing trend, to education, to our daily lives at home and at work. App developers have made a game of learning, getting healthy, answering our emails and even watering our plants. Gamification is everywhere — including HR. So why not look at […]

Sustainability and How to Get Creative with Your Workplace Wellness Program

I’m working with a cool HR tech startup currently in beta that focuses on workplace wellness and sustainability. If you are interested in learning more, please leave a comment or email me at jessica(at)blogging4jobs(dot)com.  Having successfully survived and navigated your company’s annual benefits enrollment process, I know you as an HR and business leader, deserve […]

5 Benefits of Promoting Employee Participation

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Increasing employee participation is a big challenge faced many managers and human resource professionals. After all, feedback and suggestions are essential aspects of making useful changes that benefit all participants. However, sometimes it can seem as though encouraging employees to get involved beyond doing their job is like pulling teeth. Oftentimes it isn’t that employees are […]