How to Write A Job Description

how to write a job description

It sounds easy to write a job description, doesn’t it? You just describe the requirements and responsibilities for each position in your company. You’ve done it—you’ve described the job! However, job descriptions are a fundamental cornerstone of your employee development and hiring strategies and are crucial to compliance. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of […]

How to Interview Job Candidates and Uncover the Best Talent

With the evolution of data science in the human resources arena, there are opportunities for hiring managers to have the kind of insight that wasn’t possible 10 years ago. We can uncover things beyond what’s on a candidate’s resume, using the interview to assess for culture fit as well as experience. In this post, we’ll […]

You’ve Been Subpoened to Court: Now What?

At one point or another, every HR professional has received the dread court order. If you’re new to HR, you might have hit the ground running, being the HR go-to for your organization, or you might have a boss that will help you through the process. In either case, responding to your first court order […]

New to HR? Confidence vs. Arrogance

confidence vs arrogance

In every career field, having confidence in oneself and one’s abilities is crucial. At all times, you should strive to be the best at what you’re doing. As an HR Newbie, there will be a lot of challenges while you’re learning the job, the workforce, the company, and upgrading your skills. It can be intimidating […]

The Workplace Guide to Going Rogue

going rogue work, workplace rogue, going rogue job, job rogue

In almost every workplace, there’s a chain of command. You work as part of a team that may be siloed from the rest of the organization. But what if you need to work with other departments to collaborate in order to fill roles as a recruiter? Collaboration is key for not just success in hiring […]