Cover Letter Your Way to an Internship or First Job

cover letter, interview, job, hire

Do you dread writing a cover letter?  Consider it a golden opportunity to win the hearts and minds of recruiters and hiring managers.  You shouldn’t be applying to fifty jobs using fifty standard cover letters.  Instead narrow your focus on the best internship and job opportunities for you. Use this opportunity to really shine and […]

New to HR? I Have My Degree…Now What?

You've recently graduated with a degree in human resources. Now what?

Spring graduations have been put up on social media over the last few weeks and we still have many to go. It’s exciting to see people completing the college journey and finally earning their degree, no matter what degree or what age. Sadly, many college graduates finish the same way they started college, confused. New […]

What’s the Difference Between a Job Description and a Job Post?

You ever read a job post that reads so dry it’s like it came straight out of a company document? So dull that your eyes glaze over and the posting is immediately dismissed from your memory? You definitely have. I know, because I read postings like that everyday, by well-meaning managers, owners and HR newbies, […]

Understanding the Employee Turnover Formula

hr small business basics: understanding turnover

The employee turnover formula is an easy but essential tool that too many small businesses neglect. It’s step one in building a strategic hiring plan and streamlining your human resources process. Until you understand what your turnover is and when it spikes, your hiring plan is reactive, not proactive. And while you’re in that reactive […]

New to HR? Location, Location, Location

new to hr? why location matters

You’ve found the perfect job, except for one little minor detail. It’s in another city or state and the commute would be horrendous every day. Location is very important to the job search, sometimes you can’t just think of you. Families, school, even simple things like doctors offices can all be hard to leave. How […]

Understanding the HR Audit Checklist

Understanding the HR Audit Checklist

As much as HR is an increasingly strategic part of organizations, compliance is still a fundamental aspect of what we do. The consequences of not having proper records or being on top of employment laws, are pretty dire, and one of the best ways to ensure that your organization doesn’t fall into any of these […]