Going for the Win on 4th Down

Going for the Win on 4th Down In 1991, I decided to go to school at the University of Mississippi, otherwise known as Ole Miss.  I am from Austin, Texas and I was the only one from my graduating high school class to go to Ole Miss.  I went to Westlake High School where starting […]

The 3 Types of Decisions in HR

This past weekend I watched Dolphin Tale 2 with my family.  Not the blockbuster that will make big dollars, but really and truly, an enjoyable movie.  It is about a Dolphin who was rescued in Clearwater, Florida.  Our family actually went to Clearwater and saw  “Winter” the dolphin a couple of years ago.  It is […]

Knowledge, Confidence and Competitiveness = Success in HR #HRTechConf

If you had to break it down to what makes a successful HR department what would you say were the key characteristics?  Having the right leaders in place within an organization is essential.  As an HR professional, I believe there are 3 things that HR leaders must possess to ensure you have a seat at […]

The Secret to Finding Meaningful Work & How to Recruit

We are living in a much different world than 10 years ago.  We have mobile devices in the hands of most every human being around the world.  Anyone has access to information at their fingertips.   Tablets are everywhere.  Smart Watches and Google Glass will soon leave us with no privacy and no way to really […]

Burning the Candle at Both Ends in HR

Human Resource professionals are people pleasers.  We want people to like us and truly never want to disappoint anyone.   We take on tasks and pile more than we should on our plate. When we say: “Yes” to everyone, we often disappoint more than we please.   The truth?  We aren’t super human.  We all have lives.  We […]

Referrals Are Still the Best Candidates for Your Job Openings

Recruiting.  It is made to be so hard.  There is so much talk about the active and passive candidate.  Who is the best fit for the role?  Where do you find them?  What are the best tools to find candidates. The way I see it is recruiters need to work smart.  It is vitally important […]