Perserverence Leads to Success

Going from a college graduate to working full-time was not an easy transition for me.  My college was paid for and I never really understood the meaning of work.  I remember working for Foot Locker when I was in college and I really enjoyed it.   I enjoyed it until  there was an Ole Miss football game […]

Another Year, Another Opportunity – What’s It Going To Be?

Another Year, Another Opportunity Each year brings a renewed attitude.  On January 1, your book is full of blank pages and you have the opportunity to write whatever you want in your book.  The prior year could have been difficult, or it could have been great.  It could have been good, although there was the […]

What Recruiters & Managers MUST Do to Fill Positions Quickly

I hear it too often.  Why hasn’t this position been filled?  We just aren’t getting ENOUGH candidates.  The candidates aren’t strong enough.  As a recruiter I am the middleman between the manager and my organization and getting someone hired or not.   When these questions get asked, there is often a disconnect.  Simply said, there is a formula to getting […]

Baby Steps Towards a Social Media Prescence

Baby Steps Towards a Social Media Presence There is a time when everyone is terrified of social media.  If you are just getting started, don’t be afraid to start slow.  It is probably something new to you.  There will be a lot of things you don’t understand, and things you need to learn before putting […]

Knowing Your Limits

As I have grown older, I have learned a lot about myself.  I know what I like, and what I don’t like.  I know what I am good at doing, and what I am not good at doing.  I know the areas where I need improvement.   I also know things I just can’t do at […]

The Right Way to do an Exit Interview

the right way to give an employee exit interview

There really should be an exit interview for everyone that leaves an organization.  They don’t always happen, but really it should be a priority for all organizations.  There are a number of reasons why people leave organizations.  Some people leave by choice and some people don’t.  Whatever the reason, organizations need to know why that […]