Slow Down and Be Kind To Yourself

As I head into 2015, like everyone else, I’m thinking about the things I want to achieve and how to go about making it all happen. The list is very long and includes goals that are physical, mental, spiritual, professional, financial, aspirational, inspirational and family-oriented. I’m also reflecting on everything that I’ve done in 2014. […]

How to Delegate Effectively

Unless you’re a department of 1, doing everything yourself is not possible or recommended. When you’re not effectively delegating, you feel overwhelmed, undervalued and stuck. You can only work so many hours in a day. You can only complete so many things within those hours. If you do not delegate work when possible, you increase […]

The Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

The toughest transition in management is going from managing a job function to managing both a job function and other people at the same time. When you’re only managing a job function, all the work and results are on your shoulders. Everything succeeds or fails based on your efforts alone. There should be comfort in […]

Why Is Employee Performance Documentation Important

Documenting the progression of our employees’ training, performance and development is critical for managers because documentation provides independent and objective evidence of what happened or what didn’t happen. Employee Performance Documentation Somewhere along the way, however,  documentation has become the way managers “built a case” against employees to prove cause to demote or terminate for […]

Why is Performance Documentation Important?

Managers must track the training, performance, and growth of their staff members since this information can be used as independent, unbiased proof of what did or did not occur. Why is Performance Documentation Important? Somewhere along the way, howver,  documentation has become the way managers “built a case” against employees to prove cause to demote […]

Ambition Should Be Embraced, Not Hidden

I met up with a friend for lunch recently. He wanted to catch up on the happenings in our lives since we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. At some point, the conversation switched to work life. I talked about my observations at my job and the ideas I have for the things I want […]